A couple of years ago I had a Flip MinoHD and loved it. In the interest of "keeping things simple" I sold the Flip to my boss and consolidated my camcorder and camera to a decent Canon. After that I basically stopped doing any videos. I looked back a few months ago in my video folder on my computer and was watching a bunch of videos that I had taken with my Flip and I realized that I have 2 years since my son was born that I have no videos. It was the 2 years I have gone without my Flip. So this past Christmas I asked for A Sony Bloggie. See, I had done some research and I really liked their camera. It arrived and I was right, the camera is awesome. But honestly, the built in software really was lacking, so I decided to return it and go back to the old reliable - and order another Flip. Well, due to my own oversight, I had the Flip delivered to my old address, had a really stressful 2 days of trying to get my Flip all to find out that when I did get it, it was defective. I used to really trust Cisco and Flips. But honestly, knowing that the product was discontinued and the fact that when I talked with Cisco about the problem, the only resolution they had was to send me a refurbished Flip, I decided to return the Flip back to my seller and just go to Best Buy and buy the original Bloggie Duo. Last night we head out to Best Buy and I see my Bloggie Duo and the Bloggie Touch and immediately have a conflict. Which one to get? After much conversation and internal arguing I opted for the Bloggie Touch. It had better specs and was about $40 cheaper. So I grab the closest Best Buy dude and he informs me that they are out of stock. REALLY?? After all I've been through? It was 8:45pm and he was able to secure me a Bloggie Touch at the store in Greenville. But that meant I was going to have to wait until the morning to pick it up. This, my friends, does not bode well with someone as impatient as I am. Saturday morning arrives and we hit Best Buy in Greenville and I get my wonderful Bloggie Touch. But I can't really open and play with it yet because my husband is talking to a sales guy about TVs. For an hour. And then another 30 minutes. And then we walk out of Best Buy with my Sony Bloggie Touch. A 60 inch Samsung plasma accessorized with a sound bar, Blue Ray player and 4 pairs of 3D glasses (I mean if we're going to have a 3D compatible TV we gotta right?) Oh and of course we let our son pick out our first 3D movie. So excuse me while I go watch Rio in 3D and try to dodge toucans flying a my face.


Tish C. Hill said...

I'm so glad you got the Bloggie Touch! I remember recommending it to you! :) See...I was right! And now you have all the accessories to go with it - nice job! lol

Jonna P said...

You were right! Haha and yes I probably over accessorized! Lol

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