After being in the house for the last few weeks I've been feeling a little cabin feverish. After all of the holidays and the hustle and bustle I really just wanted to get out of the house so I decided to pack up everyone (including my visiting parents) and head to a little spot about 20 minutes from where we live to see the Poinsett Bridge.

Poinsett Bridge is technically in Travellers Rest, SC and it's a common area to find people taking pictures. The bridge is named after Joel Roberts Poinsett (along with the Christmas plant and Poinsett State Park near Sumter, SC) - he was a botinast along with a lot of other important things, but we're not here to talk about Mr. Poinsett, at least not right now.

So we all hop in the Swagger Wagon and hit the scenic little backways from our house to Hwy 11. I love driving Hwy 11 because it's so scenic (so scenic in fact it's name Cherokee Foothills Scenic Hwy 11) and a hop, skip and a jump away - we were there!

We're here! The sign says so!

The Bridge!
(and apparently the new stairs that were built to lead you back to the road)

Under the Bridge
(okay, okay, I won't break out Red Hot Chili Peppers)

The other underside of the bridge

Me & my little man
(picture compliments of my big man)

 ah... wanderlust...

I'm in no way affilated with the Poinsett Bridge. I am however, affiliated with the outdoors, as much as I can be. So, if you're looking for a quick little gem with a few trails and great picture opportunities, hit this up - and while you're up here in the Upstate and only 20 minutes from me... hit me up too!!

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kamran said...

You had me at swagger wagon. Itykwim.

Tara said...

beautiful! I've had a few friends visit the Poinsett Bridge...our problem is that we travel so much, when we're actually home in the Greenville area it's hard to get our butts in gear and explore!

Jonna P said...

kamran, I'm all about the swagger!

Jonna P said...

Tara, you know we are the same way. I try to hard to plan day trips away from the area when we do our little outings that I forget we have some great things to see right here.

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