Whew! What a week! Such a productive week at work. Friday. I love you.

1. Watching the kiddo play little league baseball. It's really become a favorite past time of mine.

2. My new flat iron. Seriously, I'm a flat-iron-a-holic and when my faithful FHI died last Saturday I thought my life was over. Until I found my CHI.

3. Gardens. Who knew I really like trying to grow stuff. It was really cool seeing my Cilantro & Basil pop this week. Oops sorry, no pix of my little cute greeneries yet.

4. Lola. Really, how couldn't she just make your week awesome?

5. Warm Weather. I could live in this weather year round. I know I'm going to be complaining about the mosquitoes this summer because of mild winter but I don't even care right now as long as it stays in the 80's for a while longer.

How was your week? Do you have 5 things that you enjoyed this week? Write a blog post and link up with Kate's (from The Small Things blog)  sister at From My Grey Desk

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