Thursday already?
I'm so thankful for my two guys.

There are days when my two jokers make me want to pull my hair out with their antics.
There are days when frustration or anger can set in for various reasons.
But there are more days when between the two of them, they can make me happier than anything else I could imagine.

How dull life would be without my two guys.

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10 years baby! Forever to go!!

Imagine how many more mountains we have to climb together...

and airplane rides (let's avoid Atlanta though m'kay?)...

And birthday parties....

and moves... wait... 
no more moves, but let's go back to Utah to visit....

and best of all...
and family memories....

I can't believe all we've done in what feels like such a short time...
You are truly the love of my life and eternity isn't long enough.

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Is it really Thursday already? Wow... talk about a busy week!
Which leads me into my Thankful Thursday because my friend Maria totally turned me into a huge Erin Condren fan! Maria had to go an order a life planner from and brag all about it on her blog, so of course I had to check it out!

So I ordered my beauty of a life planner above (uh, yes it's mine, it's got my name on it!!)
And I LOVE it! I have been having somewhat an organizational disaster trying to keep track of everything on my phone between my google calendar and all, and my little ole' (okay it's not that little) life planner has been such a life saver! Plus it just looks spiffy! This thing literally is my mobile filing cabinet!

(I did not receive any compensation for this product, in fact I paid full retail price for it, and I blame Maria!)

Anyway.... I'm thankful for another tool to help me organize my increasing insane life. Seriously, it's the small things.

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PhantomsPhantoms by Dean Koontz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a thrilling read. And to think that Koontz mentions in his Afterword that this book was mistake.

This is a Koontz classic. Although a little more graphic and leaning more on the "horror" side of things, it really was his true style of mystery and suspense. The main characters grew on me quickly and hat that, "I've known this guy forever" feel.

Again, Koontz may not be everyone's favorite writer but if you like his writing, you'll like this book.

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This week has really been awesome in so many ways. Mostly little ways but they all add up!

Linking up with Lauren, From My Grey Desk in the weekly High 5 for Friday link-up. 

1.       I’ve been able to take a half day off from work almost every day this week to spend Spring Break with my little guy! This is so important to be, especially now because I feel like I’ve been “losing time” with him. You know that feeling you get when you look at your kid one day and ask yourself, “When did he get so big?” And you wonder if you’ll look back at life and regret not spending even more time with him.

We basically did the "park circuit" and went to a bunch of different parks each day.

2.       Getting my son’s room cleaned up. Laugh not, it makes my week to see his room clean!!

3.       We cut our weeds and weeded our mulch Tuesday, which really wouldn’t normally qualify as a “high five” item, but our yard looks SO good right now that it just makes me happy to pull up to our house. We still need to do the mulch in the backyard (which should be done this weekend – high five!!) and then the base of our landscaping will be complete! And only 7 months after moving in! LOL!

4.       Rain!! I have LOVED the rain we’ve gotten – even though it’s put a damper on some plans, we’ve totally needed it and last night laying in bed listening to the rain falling was just entirely too soothing.

5.       Krispy Kreme donuts… we have an “Angel” in the Public Defender’s office that is always doing nice little things for us like bringing us donuts, as she did this morning. I’m still trying to think of a way to appropriately thank her for always “taking care of us”. Any suggestions?

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If you haven't heard, I love pinterest (like the rest of the world!) So every now and again I find something on there that I really want to try. Like the pin below - Upcycling a t-shirt!

Ok, so here's my version (mind you this is my first time)!

This literally took me 20 minutes (and it would have been faster had I been more sure about my sewing skills). Speaking of sewing skills, I have none - seriously - I'm lucky if I can keep my machine in a semi-straight line. So if I can do this, ANYONE can!! Super easy and I'll be doing at least 4-5 more so I'm sure I'll get better as it goes. Next time I'll be sure to take more pictures where you can see the whole thing.

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