If you haven't heard, I love pinterest (like the rest of the world!) So every now and again I find something on there that I really want to try. Like the pin below - Upcycling a t-shirt!

Ok, so here's my version (mind you this is my first time)!

This literally took me 20 minutes (and it would have been faster had I been more sure about my sewing skills). Speaking of sewing skills, I have none - seriously - I'm lucky if I can keep my machine in a semi-straight line. So if I can do this, ANYONE can!! Super easy and I'll be doing at least 4-5 more so I'm sure I'll get better as it goes. Next time I'll be sure to take more pictures where you can see the whole thing.

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Tara said...

ooo I really like that! I've actually "upcycled" a crappy t-shirt before - I made it into a crop shirt. I don't think I ever even posted about it, so thanks for the reminder! haha

Jonna Pantelis said...

Do it! I'd love to see!!

Maria H said...

Awesome job! How about I just send you a bunch of shirts to do for me since I don't have a sewing machine. ;)

Jonna Pantelis said...

Deal Maria! Just don't complain in the sewing isn't straight LOL!

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