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The HuntersThe Hunters by Jason Pinter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I've never read any Jason Pinter or the "Henry Parker" series before, but after reading this short story, I think I'll add the series to my to-read list. It was easy to fall into the story line and quickly see how the story was building.

This is a very fast pasted crime fiction and it's mainly from the bad guys point of view - which I like because it's not the typical police story (at least this one isn't, I'm not sure about the rest of the series).

It's really fast paced and since it's only 50 pages or so, it flew by faster than I hoped. I probably could have finished this in an hour had I sat down to do so.

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Five reasons why this week rocked!

Linking up with Lauren, From My Grey Desk in the weekly High 5 for Friday link-up.  

1. My son's Kindergarten Graduation
Time is seriously flying, it feels like the school year shouldn't be over yet. But it is. And now... I have a soon to be first grader on my hands. When did I get so old?

2. Summer Vacation!!
Yeah, I still have to work and all but my kiddo is so stoked about summer vacation that I can't help to be pretty excited myself. I may not get to sleep in and do all the summer vacation-any things but summer always makes me happy and the kiddo getting out of school just validated that it is in fact summer (no matter what the pesky calendar says)

3. Memorial Day 
I'm patriotic. I cry almost every time the National Anthem or God Bless The USA is played. So Memorial Day and July 4th are pretty awesome in my book (although if you press me I'll always say Christmas is my favorite). But I digress.
I don't have a "fallen soldier" in my family or life but I do have an incredibly honorable retired Army Dad and so this day is a reminder to me to be thankful that although he served in Vietnam and gave 30+ years of his life to the United States Army, I'm glad he's still here with us. Many families of soldiers can't say that.
Plus, I get a day off from work. Never a bad thing.

4. Summer Camp!
This week I signed my son up for such a kickbutt Summer Camp! Seriously, I contemplated telling my husband that I needed to go for a week or so just to "inspect the joint". You know, make sure they are meeting all my mother bear needs. I mean seriously, they have a field trip every freaking day! Score!

Ok, so I won't be heading to the beach for a while longer but it's never to early to start daydreaming planning! So I started my packing list and a shopping list for things we need. I've added my widget on my iGoogle homepage to count down to my vacation

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The Black Echo (Harry Bosch, #1)The Black Echo by Michael Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an entertaining read, especially considering I downloaded it on my Nook from Barnes and Nobles free Fridays.
This is a typical cop story, who done it book. If that in itself is a negative for you (for me it wasn't) then a great positive is that it's not a predictable cop story and I found the story line pretty captivating.
I like the main character but some of the scenarios seemed a little too far fetched at times, although if you weren't looking to force the realism into the story then you can read it and the outlandish stuff fits great.

I like the plot, I like the characters, I like the book. In fact I like it enough that I'll probably read the next in the series a little later.

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