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Faith in people.
Faith in God.
Faith in life.

I'm so thankful this week that I have faith in these 3 things because it seems that almost everyday this week something has made me realize that I've gained something better by having faith.
It's been a great week.

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The Black Ice (Harry Bosch, #2)The Black Ice by Michael Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you are new to the Harry Bosch series I recommend you read Black Echo first. This is the 2nd book in the infamous cop series of Harry Bosch and I have to say his character grows on me more and more with each book I read. I'm not sure if I like him so much because he's just human - bad traits and all - or if it's because he's genuinely a good guy but is misunderstood.

This story line although has some references to his past is a completely new story with all new twists and turns. The story grabbed me from the get go and took you for a ride. At the end of the book I really wasn't expecting the outcome that arrived. I thought I had the whole story figured out but I was pleasantly surprised.

Again, the reason why I like these books so much is because there's just enough background to feel like you know the characters but there's not so much extra fluff that you get bogged down. It's a good, old fashioned cop book and I love it.

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