Friday already? Heck yeah!!!

Friday Letters
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Dear Beach...  we will be there shortly. Please be as fun as I think you will be. Also, can you keep the sand lice away. Seriously, someone just told me all about their experience with the little jellyfish larva and it totally grosses me out.

Dear Awesome-Husband... thank you for vacuuming out the swagger wagon. How many vacuum bags did you go through? Also, thank you for being so uber organized. However please note for the future, if I can get the Google maps to get us to the road that enters the beach house subdivision we don't necessarily need the exact address. I know it's the first left, 2nd house on the right. Isn't that enough already?

Dear Son... so I'm not really sure what you're more excited about. Going to the beach or getting to ride to the beach in your pajamas? I mean really kid, you get to wear your PJs every night, what's the big deal? Oh but it's okay because I'm still the most awesome Mommie in the world who's letting you have a slushy for breakfast on our way. SWEET!

Dear Work... I would say that I'm going to miss you, but I won't. I will however be curious what's going on with our OnBase install, so I will be checking my emails. Lame, yes. But hey, I dig it.


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Friday the 13th! So I'm not really into the hype over the whole Friday the 13th thing. It's another great Friday for me!

So I've started a new Friday link up with Ashley @ Adventures of Newleyweds after reading "Mini" over at Girl Defying Gravity for a bit and loved the Friday link up! So.. without further adou..

Friday Letters

Dear Kooky Scientist Somewhere.. could you go ahead and discover that whole time warp thing please? I'm eight days away from being at the beach and I'd really like for next week to just speed on by. Thanks.

Dear Summer Vacation... where has the time gone? We're just shy of a month until you are over and although I don't technically get to have a summer vacation, my son sure is enjoying his. Please don't end.

Dear Zumba... I'm so excited for you to come to my house today. We're going to hang out this weekend a bit. Please don't totally kick my butt. Although I suppose you need to a little if I'm going to hit up Insanity, so okay, kick my butt a little. But really, it's dancing, so you can do it in a fun way.

Dear Husband... I love you. You are normally the master of order. So please, seriously can we take a look at maybe organizing your closet a little better it's kind of working my nerves.


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13 Little Blue Envelopes (Little Blue Envelope, #1)13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I haven't read a book that I didn't like.
Scratch that, I haven't finished a book that I didn't like - in some form or fashion.
Usually within 3 chapters I know if I'll finish a book or not and this one I finished and enjoyed.

Although it got some seriously poor reviews on
I like the premise. I like that Aunt Peg is a little wacky. I like that the story doesn't delve too deep into who Ginny is before this whole trip took place.

It's a touching story that I enjoyed. But again.. I wouldn't have finished it if I didn't like it.

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I work. I have a kid. My hair is high maintenance. For all these reasons, my morning breakfast needs to be fast, easy and yummy. And preferably healthy. So here's one of my favorite go-to quickies.

Start with spinach, lots of it. Because it'll cook down to nothing. 
What is it with greens cooking down to nothing, like they just disappear or something...

See.. nothing..

Add your egg whites, which this doesn't look like egg whites, but I assure you it is.. all natural..

Once it's done, plop it on a tortilla.. I used whole wheat

Roll and cut and viola!

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This week was totally messed up by the whole 4th of July holiday being on a Wednesday. Normally I'm not one to complain about getting time off from work, but seriously, next time a holiday falls mid-week, I'm skipping it and opting for a Friday off. Who's with me?
Linking up with Lauren, From My Grey Desk in the weekly High 5 for Friday link-up.

1. Two weeks until I'll be toes in the sand! Family vacation at the beach. Bring it!

2. Spending the day at home with the kiddo and hubby and getting to shoot off fireworks in the driveway really kind of brings me back to my childhood. I love that feeling. I was so caught up in it, in fact, that I forgot to take  any pictures. My bad.

3. This past weekend I got to spend some great quality time with my mom, dad, aunt, hubby and kiddo while we spent the day at the Shaw AFB Wateree Recreation Area. We rented a boat for a few hours then spent the rest of the time at the swimming area while cooking out. It's rare that I get to spend that kind of time with my aunt (meaning almost one-on-one) and I really enjoyed it. She really is an inspiration to me and I love her true kind spirit she has.

3. Tomorrow I'll finish reading The Doctrine & Covenants. The whole thing! I've been reading a chapter a day since February 23rd 2011. Totally excited that I finished it and really gained a lot more than I ever thought I would from doing it.

4. Living in a lake community totally has it's perks. I love that we have access to the lake and our little recreation area. It's really come in handy this summer and especially this past week. Swimming, fishing and general shenanigans are always easier to do when at the lake.

5. Finally, I'm back on the working out bandwagon. I'm trying to get my eating and my workouts straightened out so I'll be spending some time tonight doing some research. Feel free to link me up or give me any suggestions that you may have. I'm serious this time. I've got to get some fitness action going and I'm looking forward to it!

Ok.. so I hope everyone had a great week and that you're weekend is even greater and by the way, do use banana's as phones.

Yeah I know, I'm random.

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