Friday already? Heck yeah!!!

Friday Letters
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Dear Beach...  we will be there shortly. Please be as fun as I think you will be. Also, can you keep the sand lice away. Seriously, someone just told me all about their experience with the little jellyfish larva and it totally grosses me out.

Dear Awesome-Husband... thank you for vacuuming out the swagger wagon. How many vacuum bags did you go through? Also, thank you for being so uber organized. However please note for the future, if I can get the Google maps to get us to the road that enters the beach house subdivision we don't necessarily need the exact address. I know it's the first left, 2nd house on the right. Isn't that enough already?

Dear Son... so I'm not really sure what you're more excited about. Going to the beach or getting to ride to the beach in your pajamas? I mean really kid, you get to wear your PJs every night, what's the big deal? Oh but it's okay because I'm still the most awesome Mommie in the world who's letting you have a slushy for breakfast on our way. SWEET!

Dear Work... I would say that I'm going to miss you, but I won't. I will however be curious what's going on with our OnBase install, so I will be checking my emails. Lame, yes. But hey, I dig it.


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itsmekt said...

Found you via the link up!
hope you enjoy the beach, hopefully I make it there too! said...

Found you through twitter. Hope you document your vacation here! You sound like my kind of Momma!

Jonna Pantelis said...

itsmekt glad you found me! I love the Firday Letters link up!! Hope you get to the beach (and that it doesn't turn out like our trip LOL)

Jonna Pantelis said...

Glad you found me Leah! I DM'ed you about my vacation blog :)

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