Friday the 13th! So I'm not really into the hype over the whole Friday the 13th thing. It's another great Friday for me!

So I've started a new Friday link up with Ashley @ Adventures of Newleyweds after reading "Mini" over at Girl Defying Gravity for a bit and loved the Friday link up! So.. without further adou..

Friday Letters

Dear Kooky Scientist Somewhere.. could you go ahead and discover that whole time warp thing please? I'm eight days away from being at the beach and I'd really like for next week to just speed on by. Thanks.

Dear Summer Vacation... where has the time gone? We're just shy of a month until you are over and although I don't technically get to have a summer vacation, my son sure is enjoying his. Please don't end.

Dear Zumba... I'm so excited for you to come to my house today. We're going to hang out this weekend a bit. Please don't totally kick my butt. Although I suppose you need to a little if I'm going to hit up Insanity, so okay, kick my butt a little. But really, it's dancing, so you can do it in a fun way.

Dear Husband... I love you. You are normally the master of order. So please, seriously can we take a look at maybe organizing your closet a little better it's kind of working my nerves.


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