Friday already? Oh that's right, I'd realize it were Friday had my week not been a blur of craziness! I guess the school year starting is a rude awakening of what the next 9 months will be like!

Friday Letters
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Dear Football Team… 
GO REBELS! You kids are awesome and you really showed your heart last night at the pep rally! I hope your parents are so proud of you! You boys really can do anything if you work together and try your hardest!

Dear Husband…
I know I make fun of you a lot and it is all good natured. But you've totally impressed me once again with how awesome you are. Not only did you make a super good decision (at least I think) in trading in Big Blue for a reasonably sized, more economic, totally rad Rav4 but you're the only person I know who would make sure to think of me while in the middle of making a totally awesome purchase for themselves. To know how much it would make me smile to have my van detailed and back like new, only makes me remember that you do think of me - even when I swear I'm the furthest thing from your mind. I know buying a car  isn't the most romantic thing in the world but somehow you managed to remind me of why I love you so much!

Dear Elementary School… I'm sorry that I'm probably going to be the most annoying mom ever. I am a little over excited this year and I want to help, so please excuse my incessant calls and emails. I do have hobbies and other things going on, although I'm sure it's hard to believe. I just would really like to be involved with my son's school and I hope you don't mind. I promise I'm not this crazy about most everything else and I'm sure the excitement will die down in the next few weeks. But if not, I'm sure I'll be apologizing again later.

Dear Scale…
I got nothing for ya. Seriously. You and I are not friends right now. 

Dear Weekend…
Please be easy on me. I know I keep over scheduling you and it's just going to be that way for a little while, but please work with me a little and allow me just a minute of rest.


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