Before anyone gets any ideas, I’m not some extreme prepper or anything. Do I feel the need to be prepared? Yes. And just recently for some reason I've had the feeling I needed to get together an emergency pack for work. And just so you know I have some background with the Red Cross and that’s really put the “preparation” bug into me. I mean it never hurts to be prepared!

So, you don’t know what an emergency prep pack is? Don’t worry… it’s probably more normal that you don’t.

An emergency prep pack is an emergency kit that you keep with you. We have a semi-constructed kit at home and I have a torn apart one that used to reside in my car.  But why would you need to have an emergency kit at work? Well, I spent 7.5 hours a day (actually more) at work and emergencies and disasters don’t only happen while I’m at home. So this is a small to medium bag filled with some emergency gear that could help me if I were caught at work during a disaster.

So for a starter emergency prep pack you only need a few things. Here’s the list I put together to start and as you can see I have a lot left to get (all the ones marked “check!” are purchased).. but hey, I’m not trying to break the bank over this. I’ll stock up as I can, little by little until it’s done. And then I’ll probably begin upgrading items as needed.

my pack and it's dismal contents... but it's a work in progress!

Backpack (check!)
I’ll be honest here. I’m a Panther’s fan but seriously, the only reason I got this pack for it is because it’s a simple draw string backpack – and apparently the only one I could find in WalMart.

Flashlight (check!)
I bought a generic little flashlight from Walmart. I’d prefer to have a headlamp in there but that’s something I’d rather wait and upgrade later.

Extra batteries for flashlight
Duh.. don’t want to run out of light!

Emergency Blanket
I have a blanket currently in my office, only because a vendor gave it to us at a conference. So I may just use that or I may go by the tiny emergency blanket, you know the one that looks like aluminum foil and throw that in there.

Water pouches/Juice boxes/Caprisun
This is going to be a tough one for me because juice boxes and caprisun always seem to disappear around me, I don’t know why. So I’m thinking some water pouches, or even better a couple of the flavored water caprisuns.

Granola Bars or other High Calorie foods
I was thinking about putting some dehydrated meals in my bag but then realized I wouldn’t have a stove to cook them on – that’s in my backpacking gear. So I stuck with buying some Special K meal bars and threw a 6 pack of them in my bag. Worst case scenario I have a meal for a 6 days. Not ideal but hey.. it’s there. And if I were stuck at work during an emergency, it’s a lot better than the crap that’s been in the fridge for at least 2 years.

Walking Shoes
This is on my list, but I’m not sure how practical this is going to be, so this may get deleted. I see the rationality behind it, if there’s a disaster and I’m stuck here, where do I want to go? Home. Right. If my car has been thrown by a tornado I’m probably going to have to hoof the 14 miles back home and doing that in my cute mary janes probably ain’t going to cut it. But still… to leave a pair of shoes in my bag seems silly.

Multi-function Knife
I don’t think I can have too many of these. So I’m going to grab a tiny one to throw in my bag to compliment the bigger knife I carry in my purse. Hopefully I can get them all matchy-matchy like.. does Very Bradley make knife sheaths yet?

Mini First-Aid Kit (check!)
I kind of cheated on this. The mini first aid kit should really contain band aids, rolled bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream and whatever else you feel you need. I went to Walmart and picked up the pre-made kit and it has everything but the rolled bandages. I have a few of those at home so I’ll grab one and throw it in there when I remember.

So there ya go! Do you prep for stuff like this? If you do, what would you put in YOUR pack?

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