So the family and I decided to take a day trip to ChimneyRock State Park. Of course, the drive itself from our little town of Lyman was beautiful and it never hurts when you drive by Lake Lure.

Let me just say this park is pretty awesome because it has things to do for anyone between the ages of 0-100. Seriously.  I saw babies there, who were definitely not a year old and they were totally having a blast. I mean, I think sleeping on Mommy while she sweats up stairs is pretty awesome myself! Anyway, and yes, there were some older folks there enjoying themselves as well. If they are 100 or not will forever remain unknown.

Since we had our kiddo with us, we planned the trip to just be kind of spontaneous. Whatever we decided to do was done. So, our first stop were the quaint little shops around Chimney Rock State Park. Literarily. The street is lined with the shops and the park entrance is smack dab in the middle so basically you were going to shop one way or another. I didn’t mind. We found some cute little magnets, which is our little “thing” we always get wherever we go. You should see our refrigerator, it’s pretty well travelled!
After spending an hour or so browsing the shops and wandering down by the river (the river which will forever be known to me as “The River into Lake Lure”) it was time for lunch. We hit up the Riverwatch Deli & Grill which was good. Nothing spectacular about the food, but let me say this, the view from the back patio is phenomenal! Not only do you have the sounds of the river just a couple of feet below but when you look up, this is what you see…


Oh and their cole slaw is pretty good too!

What was more fun was picking out our umbrella from the picnic table we sat at while we were in the Opera Box” in the park looking down over the little town.

After eating we decided to head on into the park and get some Chimney Rock action.

Of course the first thing we did was hit Chimney Rock.  We took a bunch of pictures, headed up to the Opera Box and took a bunch of pictures and then rode the elevator back down to the parking area and hit the Great Wilderness Adventure Trail. This my friends, is fun for any age. It’s a 0.5 mile loop of a trail that includes some great learning for the kiddos (and adults) and a scavenger hunt.

After finishing the Wilderness Adventure we hit the car and on our way home stopped by Lake Lure. Unfortunately, there wasn’t room on the 5pm boat tour of the lake (it’s first come first serve) so we just decided to head home and grill some steaks.

Not too shabby for a Saturday.

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I didn't do Friday letters last week because it was that crazy of a week and my Friday wasn't much easier. So just the fact that on a Thursday night I can sit and have the time to put some thoughts down on this lil' ole blog here means that this week is a heck of a lot better than last.
And that my friends, is what makes Fridays awesome.

Friday Letters
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Dear OnBase
You are going to become my new best friend. I'm going to learn to administer you whether you like it or not. And I'm pretty sure you're going to like it. I'm going to be the most document-management-system-administrator-kinda-gal that anyone has ever known. And that's just how it is.

Dear Kiddo…
I know these things are really out of your control, but what's with the puking in your bed an hour after you go to sleep? No fever, no tummy ache. No nothing. Except a bed full of puke and an hour worth of laundry. Let's figure this out, shall we?

Dear Kiddo's 1st Grade Teacher…
I'm digging you! I loved your reply when I sent you the email asking about bringing water bottles. I'm seeing Nikkos's smarts get smarter and smarter (and you all dumber and dumber after reading that, am I right?) 

Dear Bishop…
I'm really feeling like I'm failing on one of my callings. Partially, because lately I've been hit or miss with attendance but more likely because I really am not sure what I'm doing and I'm completely out of my comfort zone. However, I'm making changes in both of these areas. I'm trying not to miss so many Sundays and I'm trying to put together some fun little things that, if anything will make me feel like I'm doing something more in this calling than just showing up.

Dear Friday Night Football Game…
So excited to see you again! I wish I enjoyed high school football as much when I was actually IN high school. But hey, I have learned that I do everything the hard way and learn everything by my own timeline. It also may have something to do with the fact that I really have grown to like football as a sport in general where as in high school I could care less. But hey, it all works and frankly, its' a lot of family fun.


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Went for a golf cart ride tonight after dinner and dare I say that it felt fallish?
I mean, it got pretty chilly!

I'm so ready for fall. I'm ready for boots and sweaters and such. Aren't you ready for fall yet?

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