Political Ugliness

10.17.2012 |

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and yes, that’s smoke you smell.

With the Presidential election coming up there’s been a slew of crazy ads, Facebook posts from friends that essentially are calling me stupid (not directly of course) if I didn't vote for so-and-so, and tweets that really could offend a lot of innocent people.

I don’t know what it is about elections that brings the ugly out. And it's really sad.

I remember when I was a kid, maybe first grade or so, we had a mock election. I lived in Marietta, Georgia while my father worked at the Army base nearby. We voted in a cardboard voter’s booth and I was so happy I voted. I voted for Carter, by the way. I have no idea why I voted for him then and I still have no idea why.

But I voted.

But what I remember the most wasn't about teachers, parents or friends trying to sway my vote. What I remember the most was that it didn't matter what my vote was. We all have our reasons. Why is my opinion of why one candidate is better than the other any more important than yours? Everyone respected the actual concept of voting. It was an honor to vote. It wasn't about a popularity contest and that you were so-and-so’s friend (or supporter).

I miss those days. I’m tired of seeing people throw out hurtful words about people just because they don’t agree or see things the same way. I’m tired of the constant attacks on certain races, faiths or views just because it’s not in line with what another person thinks.

I must be naive because I never realized how politics can turn so many beautiful people so ugly.

Go Vote!

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