Warning.. excessive use of the word TERRIFIC ahead
I didn't need the bumper sticker to tell me that my kid is terrific. But he is, and someone else deemed him so, so it must be so (at least for today).
doesn't this face just scream terrific?

He received the Terrific Kid award last year in 5K as well so it's really terrific that he received it again in 1st grade. We're shooting to get 4 for 4 while in Elementary school.

So you know what you get when you're a Terrific Kid? Yeah, you get a bumper sticker (that will never go on my car), a certificate (that will go in his scrap book that I haven't made yet), a pencil (that will go into a box with a 100 other pencils, I got a stockpile!) and you get a coupon for a free kid's meal at Zaxby's (SCORE!)

All joking aside, I love my kiddo and he is very terrific. I'm really proud of him.

But what wasn't so terrific was while we were celebrating the terrific kid award at the cafeteria table a boy came and asked if he could sit with us. Of course we told him to join on in. He said he was in the 3rd grade and this was the first time he'd won a Terrific Kid award. And he celebrated with us. He didn't have anyone else to celebrate with. And that made my heart heart, a lot. I hope we were suitable folks to celebrate with because he was a really sweet and outgoing kid.

So today was a life lesson. My kid is terrific. So are a lot of other kids, too. I hope that I (or someone) can be there for those kids whose family may not be able to be there for them.

What do you mean it's Wednesday???
I mean this is a great way. Kind of the same way you'd ask, "What do you mean you made extra cake and need someone to eat it??" or maybe "What do you mean I lost 7lb while I napped this afternoon??"

Yeah. That kind of good.

So I don't watch The Bachelor, I don't need to though because I think I'm the only person out in blogland that doesn't so I just go out and read the blogs I follow and catch up on the show. Especially, The Daily Tay, she's got some of the greatest Bachelor posts. Ever.

 I have started watching The Following. Serial Killers and Kevin Bacon. HOOKED! I have to say Kevin is looking pretty hot for his age and to think I didn't think he was all that hot when he was younger so I'm thinking aging did him some good.

Hopefully you're week is going just as well! Happy Wednesday!

My real life and blogger friend Maria does a Monday blog series of Motivational Monday. I'm going to start one called DE-Motivation Monday just to prove that I can undo any amount of motivation she may have.
I kid. Or not.

I was going to do this wonderful update about how I've been meeting my fitness and health goals and all, but I guess I'll just have to settle for doing an update about how my eating sucks.

( oh so true )

I'm pretty good about sticking to working out. I started last Wednesday and haven't missed any of my scheduled workouts. I dropped 2 pounds last week (which I was all proud about until I typed it out and realized how minimal that really looks) but apparently somewhere over the weekend I gained one of the pounds back.

I track my food on SparkPeople. No, this is not a sponsored post, I just really love that website. There are others out there that some of my friends use but I feel an allegiance to SP because they offer so much more than just calorie counting and fitness plans. I track my food even if I mess up.. I know where I messed up this weekend. Entirely too many Berry Blast Ice Cream Oreos. Plus I think I upped my portions a little too much.

But I have to admit, it's pretty frustrating. I've cut a lot from my diet and I've upped my exercise by like 100% and I'm still not seeing much results. Which is really pretty de-motivating.

I'm not really all that big of a Debbie-Downer. (Ok, I am.. but I try to avoid it)

I'm just looking at this week as a new start. I'm seriously doubting my ability to reach my goal weight by cruise time but I don't think it'll stop me from trying. I'm just going to have to up my game a little and probably enlist the help of my resident expert, Maria.

So.. my first real fitness update. Not a great one but at least I stayed on point for my exercise. Let's see if I can't make this week better!

My MIA fitness

1.24.2013 |

So I read a bunch of fantastic blogs. There are a lot that are about fitness (ahem Maria), so you'd assume that I'd be much more fit (you know what they say about assuming). I have all intentions of being so, and I've had those intentions for at least the last few years. But seriously, life gets in my way and I don't make it a priority. So I can't really complain and typically I don't (unless it's to my husband.. I complain to him about it all the time)

I have a hard time motivating myself to work out. I like the feeling I have after working out but that motivation to actually do it is the real kicker. Plus let me just add this in to the mix. I love to Zumba...

But that, my friends will never be said about my Zumba skills. Like ever. I got white-girl rhythem and I know it!

So why am I going on about this? Because what better way to be held accountable for things than to post them out on the Internet where nothing can be really erased and these types of things can be held over your head for years!

So I'm committing... fitness will be more of a priority. I'm not going to ever be one of those people that puts my workouts above everything else, sorry I have a soon-to-be-7-year-old that totally takes that slot and a husband who fills in next. But, I do really want and need to be healthier.

Plus, I've got a cruise coming up in June and some really smokin' hot relatives, so unless I plan on wearing a moo-moo the entire trip... Jonna's gotta get in gear.

So, here's my plan... I'm looking for some input here from any of you fitness people out there.
Goal 1: Work out 5 days a week, 2 of those days being weight training
Goal 2: Keep the calorie intake between 1200-1500 a day (yeah, this is my weak point)
Goal 3: Stretch

So, this really looked easy as I put it on paper, why am I having a hard time getting this committed in real life?

Ok.. so I'm going to start today, but I suppose my first real week will start next week. Let's see how this goes, and please, feel free to hold me completely accountable on here when I don't post an update to let you know how badly I've failed I've met my goals for the week! 

So I was invited into two BzzCampaigns recently that turned out to land me one epic idea.

Before I get too far into this, for those of you who don't know what a BzzCampain is let me enlighten you to one of the most fun things I do. There is a website called BzzAgent.com. Basically,  you sign up, answer some surveys and then get offers to join BzzCampaigns for different stuff. When you sign up, you receive either free swag or coupons for the item, you try them out and you give your review and you talk to your friends, family and random strangers about the stuff. You have to be honest. If you get something and don't like it, say it. But find out what others think too. As you complete these things you get points. They go to a MyPoints account and you can use those points for stuff. Cool stuff.

Ok. Got it? Great, moving on to the epicness...

So first I was invited to the Kellogg's Crunchy Nut BzzCampaign. In my box I got a free box of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal and some coupons. I was stoked! Because I'm a cereal kind of gal. I can eat cereal anytime. So, we got it, I ate it, it's good. Really good in fact. When I can say my son likes it, then it's good. And he liked it. In fact my box is almost empty, time to bust out one of those coupons before I give them all away.

So fast forward a little bit and I get invited to the TruMoo BzzCampaign. SCORE! Because I love me my son loves some chocolate milk! So in that lovely BzzKit I got a coupon for a free gallon of TruMoo Chocolate Milk and then some other coupons to give away! Needless to say that free coupon was gone that afternoon.

Get ready... here comes the epic.

Yesterday I wanted a snack. So instead of something healthy like veggies (like I should be eating if I want to squeeze into that bathing suit on our cruise in June), I go straight for the chocolate milk. But then it happened. 
I saw the Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal and BAM.. it just seemed natural... they were SUPPOSED to be together! Call it destiny, call it bad instant decision.. I call it DELICOUS! A seriously sweet, honey and chocolate sweet treat that I should have known about long before now.

Yeah... so that's what happens when I get 2 awesome BzzCampains at once, I find some way to merge them together and Frankenstein some cereal.

And yes, this post was really to inform you of my epic new snack, but it was also to brag a little on how awesome being a BzzAgent is and how I wish you all were BzzAgents too. 

Because I can't pass up a good Missionaries-Lip-Syncing-Video. But seriously, these guys are good.. like Milli Vanilli good.

For those interested, the song is "Children Go Where I Send Thee" by The Nashville Tribute Band

Sunday Funday

1.20.2013 |

Fox News has an article about 12 of the most beautiful churches in america. Not one of them was an LDS temple. I'm not going to go all into what churches were selected. They are indeed beautiful, but what I'm going to do is go ahead and share some beautiful temples because I can.. and I will....

 This is the St. George, Utah Temple. I'm not sure exactly why but I love this place. I've only gone inside the visitor's center but even in there it's absolutely beautiful.
 To the right is the ever famous Salt Lake City Temple. I hope to go there one day. It is seriously breath taking just being in Temple Square.
And this is the Oakland, CA temple. I don't know why but I love this picture of this temple. Maybe it's the palm trees or the sun's reflection on the building but it looks so serene.

If you want to see more pictures of beautiful temples you don't have to fly all over the world, heck you don't even have to sit and google each one (because seriously, there's 140 operating temples, 14 under construction and 4 more that were announced as of today) so you can just head click right here and go check it all out!

It didn't snow this past Thursday night. It was supposed to, if only for an hour or so. But it didn't, which isn't uncommon here in the South. And you would think after living here for over 15 years... wait, pause.

Side thought....
Did I just say that? Holy cow.. I arrived in South Carolina on Halloween night. I remember going to visit my Aunt who was working a booth at a local haunted house in the city she lives in. I can't really remember if it was 1994 or 1995 but it was one of those year. For a military brat, that's a LONG time to live in one place and I'm quite shocked. I moved from the midland portion of South Carolina to the Upstate back in 2000 and have been here ever since. It seems like only a few years ago, but they say time flies when you're getting old having fun!

Back to the snow.

Snow is such a funny thing here in South Carolina. We get one forecast mentioning snow and we all raid the local Bi-Lo's milk and bread aisle like Rodney King looters! I'm still trying to figure this one out. What the heck are we going to do with all that bread and milk? Massive french toast party? Also, we like our snow but with many conditions, such as it is gone within a few days (unless it's a work week, then stay for the entire week, just don't mess up my weekend plans!), and  we don't want too much snow because then we lose power.

Anyway, I suppose it's best that it doesn't snow too often here because frankly our driving skills completely bottom out when it rains harder than a drizzle. Can you imagine how long and how many accidents it would take for us to learn to drive in snow?

I'm good with snow every few years. If I really want snow more often I'll go visit it somewhere. For me, I'd prefer being able to wear my flip-flops year round (which most years I can) . I mean we have tornadoes,  humidity, and mosquitoes, isn't that enough?

I''m linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for her High Five for Friday!

1. Making a super cute craft and getting to give a talk to a super awesome group of women from my church

Seriously, if I could make this and have it turn out as cute as it is, then I think anyone could. But honestly, the girls who helped us do this is seriously talented and I'm so glad they are patient with those of us that are less than savvy LOL!

2. Getting new "winter hair"
So I went from really blond back to something a little closer to my natural color gray brunette with some great red highlights. I'm loving it right now and I think this will be a keeper at least until summer again.

3. Baseball Registration.. let's go REBELS!
I can't wait to see my kiddo out there playing again!

4. Possibility of snow tonight!
Snow in SC is pretty rare so we all get excited even if it's only predicting to snow for about an hour.This actually is predicted for Thursday night (so it happened last night).. hmm.. wonder if we got any?

5. Booking our cruise!
Oh boy, I'm so excited!! This week I booked our big "Christmas In June" family cruise. All.. 22 (I think) of us are going!! Like O-M-G this is going to be so fun!

How was your week??

Tonight I get to talk to a great bunch of women about setting goals. Yeah, I questioned the sanity of that too, but I guess considering the fact that most of my day job consists of setting goals, meeting goals and surviving goals that I'm kind of good at it. I'm kind of good at goals around my house too, unless it's losing weight. That's a goal I'm really not good at. If my goal were to eat the most ice cream ever I'd be awesome.

The ladies I'm talking to are in my Relief Society group at church. I've talked about it before but I really love Relief Society. There is such a diverse group of women in the group and seriously I could dedicate a whole post to them, but what I want to really talk about is goals.

I'm not a resolution maker, I used to be but I always broke them so now I set goals and some of them are set during the first of the year. Here are my major goals for 2013:

1. Work with the hubby on getting our financial future set
       It's never too late but better safe than something
2. Fully tithe and receive my temple recommend ( which would be a first for me!)
       This really means a lot to me. I want to be a good example for my son and is something I've been working towards (slowly) for a while
3. Get healthier
       Hopefully this means getting into basing suit shape too because I have a cruise to be on in June.

Welcome aboard the USS Southern Fried Love! This isn't really a ship if you didn't notice, it's a blog. Moving on....

Here's the deal. I was blogging in almost 6 different blogs lately and realized that I had been neglecting the one blog I really wanted to maintain.. mine. So, I consolidated all my blogs down into this one so you'll have to endure read my stories of kids, life, church, food, geocaching, curly hair and tech talk all in one place! By the way, I may be importing older posts from other blogs in here so you'll be seeing a lot of the content change....


So to kick start this off, let me just explain why I love Mondays.
No seriously, when you hear me complaining about Monday it's really just a cover for my absolute love of Monday. Monday's get a bad rap because no one likes to have to start their countdown over to Friday again but I've been looking at Monday's a little differently now.

Mondays are my REDO days
I can redo any mistakes I made last week.

Mondays are my NEW BEGINNINGS
I can start new things on Monday and feel like I've got a great starting point

Mondays are my STARTER days
I can use them to start whatever I've had planned and get the ball rolling

See, if someone like me can put a positive spin on something like Mondays then they can't really be all that bad can they?

So today is Monday and I've got some great things ahead this week... Let's take a peek at the fun times I get to have this week.

 I get to speak at my Relief Society activity tomorrow night. For those not in the know.. and unless your LDS (or more commonly known as Mormon) then you're probably not in the know, Relief Society is an organization within the LDS church for women, it's the oldest and largest women's organization in the world! You can read all about it here and find out for yourself why I love it so.

I'm on a health kick. I'm hoping to lose some weight for a cruise that my family will be going on in June. Believe me, you'll be hearing more about the weight and the cruise later.

I am getting my hair done. Okay, seriously this should have been #1 on my list because as much as I love everything else that's going on, this is really at the top of my mental priority list. I got roots.. and something fierce!

And to top it all off, I've got our School Improvement Committee meeting (I'll gush about how much I love my son's school later) and we're registering for upcoming baseball season. Oh and yes, you'll have to listen to me go on about how much I love little league and high school football on this here blog, so fasten your seat belts.. it's obviously going to be a bumpy ride!

So... how's your week looking? Tell me all about your plans!

I'm starting a new tradition here.. it's called Friday Fun Day! And I may post every Friday but if not.. oh well!

So for our 1st ever Friday Fun Day, I have to share this awesome video of the Best Sign Flipper Ever! More ironically is that I found this little jewel of entertainment over at Middle Aged Mormon and he's right, if you don't find this entertaining then it is time for your AARP card to be mailed to you, or better yet, let's go ahead and order that jazzy!


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The Stand The Complete and Uncut Edition
by Steven King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I went through a lot of emotions with this book. It started with fear. Or maybe it's more like fearful anticipation. I read this book in waves, as if at times a tide was yanking me into it and made it so hard to break away. Other times, the story seemed to relax enough that I could take a couple days off without feeling completely drawn back in.
As with most books I became attached to characters and it was interesting to see their transformations. I cried, more so than I have with any other book - maybe it's due to the nature of the story or maybe I'm a wuss.
I've never been disappointed with a Stephen King book and this one (as I say about every Stephen King book) has become my new favorite.

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PS.. Goodreads.com spelled Stephen's name wrong, not me. Sorry Stephen!

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