The Stand The Complete and Uncut Edition
by Steven King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I went through a lot of emotions with this book. It started with fear. Or maybe it's more like fearful anticipation. I read this book in waves, as if at times a tide was yanking me into it and made it so hard to break away. Other times, the story seemed to relax enough that I could take a couple days off without feeling completely drawn back in.
As with most books I became attached to characters and it was interesting to see their transformations. I cried, more so than I have with any other book - maybe it's due to the nature of the story or maybe I'm a wuss.
I've never been disappointed with a Stephen King book and this one (as I say about every Stephen King book) has become my new favorite.

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PS.. spelled Stephen's name wrong, not me. Sorry Stephen!

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