My real life and blogger friend Maria does a Monday blog series of Motivational Monday. I'm going to start one called DE-Motivation Monday just to prove that I can undo any amount of motivation she may have.
I kid. Or not.

I was going to do this wonderful update about how I've been meeting my fitness and health goals and all, but I guess I'll just have to settle for doing an update about how my eating sucks.

( oh so true )

I'm pretty good about sticking to working out. I started last Wednesday and haven't missed any of my scheduled workouts. I dropped 2 pounds last week (which I was all proud about until I typed it out and realized how minimal that really looks) but apparently somewhere over the weekend I gained one of the pounds back.

I track my food on SparkPeople. No, this is not a sponsored post, I just really love that website. There are others out there that some of my friends use but I feel an allegiance to SP because they offer so much more than just calorie counting and fitness plans. I track my food even if I mess up.. I know where I messed up this weekend. Entirely too many Berry Blast Ice Cream Oreos. Plus I think I upped my portions a little too much.

But I have to admit, it's pretty frustrating. I've cut a lot from my diet and I've upped my exercise by like 100% and I'm still not seeing much results. Which is really pretty de-motivating.

I'm not really all that big of a Debbie-Downer. (Ok, I am.. but I try to avoid it)

I'm just looking at this week as a new start. I'm seriously doubting my ability to reach my goal weight by cruise time but I don't think it'll stop me from trying. I'm just going to have to up my game a little and probably enlist the help of my resident expert, Maria.

So.. my first real fitness update. Not a great one but at least I stayed on point for my exercise. Let's see if I can't make this week better!


Maria H said...

You're kidding, right??? Two pounds is two pounds!! It is NOT MINIMAL! Quit thinking like that. You should be proud!

Oh, and don't be weighing yourself constantly because water weight will fluctuate from day to day. Once a week is fine. But try not to be a slave to the scale.

What results are you wanting to see? The scale? Then when you say you've upped your exercising...what are you doing? Cardio? I rarely look at the scale, I mostly go by how the shape of my body changes. Remember that the scale may not fluctuate heavily while your body changes drastically.

<3 Keep it up girl! You can do it!

Jonna Pantelis said...

AW thanks Maria, I am proud and I'm hoping to keep up the consistency.

Ok, but I am a slave to the scale. I haven't really measured myself which I think I need to do. I hop on the scale EVERYDAY! LOL!

Results, all around weight loss. I have high cholesterol and low bathing suitability LOL! I want to swap those. So my plan is that I'm going to do SOMETHING 5 days a week. I'm thinking cardio 3X and weights twice a week.

Maria Huff said...

Great plan...BUT quit weighing yourself EVERY DAY! You're throwing weight training in there so don't be sad when you don't see the scale go down. You're burning fat AND buidling muscle. What will be you're true measurement of success is how your body CHANGES rather than the scale! Don't forget that. :)

Jonna Pantelis said...

I know I know! LOL! But, it's hard not to focus on the scale when I've got 29 pounds to lose before my doctor will even consider taking me off my cholesterol meds - so see my dilemma?
But I think you're right, I'm going to try to limit myself to once a week. BTW, read tomorrow's blog for a great laugh at my complete lack of.. well, everything LOL

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