Tonight I get to talk to a great bunch of women about setting goals. Yeah, I questioned the sanity of that too, but I guess considering the fact that most of my day job consists of setting goals, meeting goals and surviving goals that I'm kind of good at it. I'm kind of good at goals around my house too, unless it's losing weight. That's a goal I'm really not good at. If my goal were to eat the most ice cream ever I'd be awesome.

The ladies I'm talking to are in my Relief Society group at church. I've talked about it before but I really love Relief Society. There is such a diverse group of women in the group and seriously I could dedicate a whole post to them, but what I want to really talk about is goals.

I'm not a resolution maker, I used to be but I always broke them so now I set goals and some of them are set during the first of the year. Here are my major goals for 2013:

1. Work with the hubby on getting our financial future set
       It's never too late but better safe than something
2. Fully tithe and receive my temple recommend ( which would be a first for me!)
       This really means a lot to me. I want to be a good example for my son and is something I've been working towards (slowly) for a while
3. Get healthier
       Hopefully this means getting into basing suit shape too because I have a cruise to be on in June.