Welcome aboard the USS Southern Fried Love! This isn't really a ship if you didn't notice, it's a blog. Moving on....

Here's the deal. I was blogging in almost 6 different blogs lately and realized that I had been neglecting the one blog I really wanted to maintain.. mine. So, I consolidated all my blogs down into this one so you'll have to endure read my stories of kids, life, church, food, geocaching, curly hair and tech talk all in one place! By the way, I may be importing older posts from other blogs in here so you'll be seeing a lot of the content change....


So to kick start this off, let me just explain why I love Mondays.
No seriously, when you hear me complaining about Monday it's really just a cover for my absolute love of Monday. Monday's get a bad rap because no one likes to have to start their countdown over to Friday again but I've been looking at Monday's a little differently now.

Mondays are my REDO days
I can redo any mistakes I made last week.

Mondays are my NEW BEGINNINGS
I can start new things on Monday and feel like I've got a great starting point

Mondays are my STARTER days
I can use them to start whatever I've had planned and get the ball rolling

See, if someone like me can put a positive spin on something like Mondays then they can't really be all that bad can they?

So today is Monday and I've got some great things ahead this week... Let's take a peek at the fun times I get to have this week.

 I get to speak at my Relief Society activity tomorrow night. For those not in the know.. and unless your LDS (or more commonly known as Mormon) then you're probably not in the know, Relief Society is an organization within the LDS church for women, it's the oldest and largest women's organization in the world! You can read all about it here and find out for yourself why I love it so.

I'm on a health kick. I'm hoping to lose some weight for a cruise that my family will be going on in June. Believe me, you'll be hearing more about the weight and the cruise later.

I am getting my hair done. Okay, seriously this should have been #1 on my list because as much as I love everything else that's going on, this is really at the top of my mental priority list. I got roots.. and something fierce!

And to top it all off, I've got our School Improvement Committee meeting (I'll gush about how much I love my son's school later) and we're registering for upcoming baseball season. Oh and yes, you'll have to listen to me go on about how much I love little league and high school football on this here blog, so fasten your seat belts.. it's obviously going to be a bumpy ride!

So... how's your week looking? Tell me all about your plans!