Warning.. excessive use of the word TERRIFIC ahead
I didn't need the bumper sticker to tell me that my kid is terrific. But he is, and someone else deemed him so, so it must be so (at least for today).
doesn't this face just scream terrific?

He received the Terrific Kid award last year in 5K as well so it's really terrific that he received it again in 1st grade. We're shooting to get 4 for 4 while in Elementary school.

So you know what you get when you're a Terrific Kid? Yeah, you get a bumper sticker (that will never go on my car), a certificate (that will go in his scrap book that I haven't made yet), a pencil (that will go into a box with a 100 other pencils, I got a stockpile!) and you get a coupon for a free kid's meal at Zaxby's (SCORE!)

All joking aside, I love my kiddo and he is very terrific. I'm really proud of him.

But what wasn't so terrific was while we were celebrating the terrific kid award at the cafeteria table a boy came and asked if he could sit with us. Of course we told him to join on in. He said he was in the 3rd grade and this was the first time he'd won a Terrific Kid award. And he celebrated with us. He didn't have anyone else to celebrate with. And that made my heart heart, a lot. I hope we were suitable folks to celebrate with because he was a really sweet and outgoing kid.

So today was a life lesson. My kid is terrific. So are a lot of other kids, too. I hope that I (or someone) can be there for those kids whose family may not be able to be there for them.