It didn't snow this past Thursday night. It was supposed to, if only for an hour or so. But it didn't, which isn't uncommon here in the South. And you would think after living here for over 15 years... wait, pause.

Side thought....
Did I just say that? Holy cow.. I arrived in South Carolina on Halloween night. I remember going to visit my Aunt who was working a booth at a local haunted house in the city she lives in. I can't really remember if it was 1994 or 1995 but it was one of those year. For a military brat, that's a LONG time to live in one place and I'm quite shocked. I moved from the midland portion of South Carolina to the Upstate back in 2000 and have been here ever since. It seems like only a few years ago, but they say time flies when you're getting old having fun!

Back to the snow.

Snow is such a funny thing here in South Carolina. We get one forecast mentioning snow and we all raid the local Bi-Lo's milk and bread aisle like Rodney King looters! I'm still trying to figure this one out. What the heck are we going to do with all that bread and milk? Massive french toast party? Also, we like our snow but with many conditions, such as it is gone within a few days (unless it's a work week, then stay for the entire week, just don't mess up my weekend plans!), and  we don't want too much snow because then we lose power.

Anyway, I suppose it's best that it doesn't snow too often here because frankly our driving skills completely bottom out when it rains harder than a drizzle. Can you imagine how long and how many accidents it would take for us to learn to drive in snow?

I'm good with snow every few years. If I really want snow more often I'll go visit it somewhere. For me, I'd prefer being able to wear my flip-flops year round (which most years I can) . I mean we have tornadoes,  humidity, and mosquitoes, isn't that enough?