What do you mean it's Wednesday???
I mean this is a great way. Kind of the same way you'd ask, "What do you mean you made extra cake and need someone to eat it??" or maybe "What do you mean I lost 7lb while I napped this afternoon??"

Yeah. That kind of good.

So I don't watch The Bachelor, I don't need to though because I think I'm the only person out in blogland that doesn't so I just go out and read the blogs I follow and catch up on the show. Especially, The Daily Tay, she's got some of the greatest Bachelor posts. Ever.

 I have started watching The Following. Serial Killers and Kevin Bacon. HOOKED! I have to say Kevin is looking pretty hot for his age and to think I didn't think he was all that hot when he was younger so I'm thinking aging did him some good.

Hopefully you're week is going just as well! Happy Wednesday!