For those of you not on instagram..

You'll have to excuse me, I've been sick for the past few days so I haven't been updating. Something about a sinus headache that will just knock me down completely.

I've missed my Tuesday and Wednesday workout. I'm thinking I should be good to go tomorrow for something. I may still get my 3 weight training sessions in this week if I strategically plan them.

But other than that I've been watching reruns of awful reality shows and napping, so unless you want me to go on about how I can't even understand how Bad Girls Club even stays on TV, it's probably best I just go ahead and stop now and lay down again.

I'll be back tomorrow with something more interesting I'm sure....

It's late but it's still Monday!
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So here's my update. My weekend habits totally annihilate my awesome weekday habits. I didn't hit my 2 lbs. goal this week but I did lose 1 lbs. So, I'm beginning to wonder if my 2 lbs. a week is a little aggressive considering how weak willed busy I am. I'm not going to adjust my goals yet, I'm going to push this week and see what I can make happen, but I am also being realistic and I don't want to continue to set myself up to fail.

So, let's get on with this bad boy shall we!

Saturday & Sunday
I was supposed to work out both Saturday and Sunday. That didn't happen. Saturday I had the start of an ear infection which knocked me down pretty much for anything other than laundry and other light household chores. Sunday after church I had a Relief Society Activity Meeting (woohoo can't wait to talk about the upcoming event sometime) and after that my evening was filled with jam making. So needless to say, this weekend I got no workout in. Not good.

So.. going to make up for it this week (right, that's what I keep saying, one of these day I may actually do it!)

I'm mixing up my routine a little....

Cardio: I did 40 minutes of Zumba tonight before sitting down to post this. I'm actually surprised I got it in, but glad I did!

My Day 1 routine from Jefit
Day 1Workout A
MuscleExercise NameTimerRepsSets
Barbell Squat90 secUndefined2
Smith Machine Bench Press60 secUndefined2
Cable Seated Row60 secUndefined2
Barbell Curl60 secUndefined3
Tricep Dumbbell Kickback60 secUndefined3
Dumbbell Shoulder Press60 secUndefined2
Crunches with Legs on a Bench60 secUndefined2

Cardio something or other. I may attempt at running if it's not raining, or if I can't find ANYTHING else to do. It's not that I hate running. But I do.

My Day 2 routine from Jefit

Day 2Workout B
MuscleExercise NameTimerRepsSets
Dumbbell Lunges60 sec103
Standing Calf Raises60 sec103
Barbell Bent Over Row60 sec103
Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl60 sec102
Dumbbell Bench Press60 sec102
Barbell Triceps Extension60 sec102
Dumbbell Lateral Raise60 sec102
Crunches with Legs on an Exercise Ball60 sec253


My Day 3 routine from Jefit

Day 3Workout C
MuscleExercise NameTimerRepsSets
Barbell Deadlift90 secUndefined2
Dumbbell Lunges60 secUndefined2
Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise60 secUndefined2
Push Up60 secUndefined2
Pull Ups60 secUndefined2
Dumbbell Concentration Curls60 secUndefined2
Dumbbell Standing Triceps Extension60 secUndefined2
Dumbbell Front Raise60 secUndefined2
Exercise Ball Pull-in60 secUndefined2

Hope you're fitness is going better than mine and if I motivate you in ANYWAY please let me know because it's nice to know I'm doing a better job at motivating ya'll than I am myself! HAH!

My current workout was generated by Jefit! You can add me on Jefit here

I had one of those days today.

You know the ones. Where you drive off in the morning all proud because you remembered to pack your son's book fair money & got his baseball practice gear together only to find out when you arrive at work that it's all fine and dandy until you have to turn back around because you forgot to grab the one thing that you work on during the day... your laptop.

Oh and when I packed lunch I up and grabbed a frozen chicken breast, you know, the ones that are fully cooked so you can just pop them in the microwave and get a nice, moist, chicken breast? Yeah, well I didn't grab one of those. I grabbed the real ones, that hasn't been cooked yet, so basically to avoid the option of posting about my week with salmonella, I nuked that sucker till I had chicken jerky!

It seriously reminded me of the turkey from Christmas Vacation! (and if you give me long enough I think I can relate everything back to that movie, it's one of my favorites).

Yeah, you remember that turkey right?
But I topped mine with Sriracha hot sauce and chowed down.

See, I make a good situation out of a bad. That and I was hungry and I wasn't about to give up my chicken.

But I suppose all of this was really just a side-effect because I spent most of Sunday running around instead of preparing, like I usually sometimes do.

Instead, I spent Sunday evening making jam and watching The Amazing Race and The Walking Dead. Which at the time was awesome, but when I woke up this morning running around all crazy like, maybe wasn't such a smart idea.

So, let's recap shall we.

My first attempt at strawberry jam went really well. My first attempt at no-sugar, no-pectin strawberry jam is still debatable. I don't like it at all. My son doesn't like it at all. My diabetic father-in-law loves it so I guess I still win right? Either way, it was really fun and pretty easy so I can totally see myself doing this again. I can't wait to try with something like figs or blueberries.

So luckily I finished up all the jam right when my son finished watching The Shaggy Dog, so I could throw him in bed and we could fire up the DVR !

business in the front, party in the back!
The Amazing Race. Seriously, I'm not invested this season. Usually by now I have a team I love and at least one team I hate and I'm emotionally charged during the shows. Not so much this season. The only team that is remotely interesting to me is the Alabama couple and only because I'm trying to see how resilient his afro-mullet is. I mean that helmet of hair is withstanding some serious tests without losing a bounce of curl!

Oh but The Walking Dead is making up for the lack of drama TAR is missing that's for sure! Ok, so let me just put this out there. I don't like scary movies and I don't like gore. So I'm the one that watches until the zombies start attacking and then I just kind of hide behind fingers until the blood spattering has ended. Speaking of blood spattering, Angela totally took a page out of Michone's book, didn't she? Go girl. I still don't like her because she's a traitor (although seemingly a distressed traitor).

I'm wondering if Meryl is going to stick to the straight and narrow now that he's in with the prison crew or is he going to eventually throw them under the bus. Anyway, the previews for next week look really good, I'm really excited/scared to see the prison vs. Governor thing come to a head though because that means before it's resolved they'll end the season and we'll have to wait another 3 months or longer to figure out what's going on!

I'm going to do another update tonight (high expectations!!) with my Motivational Monday series... stay tuned

Hey-llo Internet!
I say hey, you say hello... hey-llo!

So are you hitting your fitness goals this week? Monday I had talked about how I had goofed up being all cray cray over the weekend and how I was going to make up for it. I haven't been able to keep my schedule like I was hoping, apparently me waking up for an AM cardio session just isn't going to happen. Little League baseball starting this week hasn't helped BUT I'm determined, so I may still get my 5 workouts in.

By the way, I'm thinking of mentioning to our elementary school that we should do Spirit Night somewhere that doesn't have their salad buffet directly next to their pizza buffet, which happens to have chocolate chip pizza on it. I don't have to tell you which one I hit.

So let's catch up here shall we? I'll be pariodically linking up here with Kelly from Honor, Courage, Commitment for her Fitness Friday!
Oh and she's totally a Southern Blogger too!!

Weight Training , mainly my upper body

NADDA! I slept in and missed my AM cardio I was supposed to get and instead of making it up in the evening, I went to my Relief Society Activity where we got to listen to some great talks on relationships and eat tons of chocolate. I did good, I only ate half a ton. But seriously, I stayed under 1500 calories for the day, so I'm on track.

At least I did stick to my routine this day! I did  my full body weight training and Zumba later. I had to throw the towel in about 25 minutes into Zumba though. I was DONE.

AM Cardio? No way! But I did spend the evening walking back and forth from the pizza buffet at my kid's spirit night for school and I walked around the baseball field helping a little girl find a bathroom. Does that count? Oh and I'm pretty sure I busted over my 1500 calories this day - I didn't track when I got home just out of shame.

So seeing as how I've missed 2 of my  scheduled 5 workouts already, my plan is to hit my weight training tonight, and cardio both Saturday and Sunday to make up.

I'm weighing in Saturday and I've only lost 1 pound of my goal of 2 a week so we'll have to see if I meet that goal or not. I'm kind of hoping that my very healthy lunch and dinner today and workout will help make up for the Tuesday and Thursday overload. I've been doing pretty good about keeping my eating in check and logging everything I'm eating so I've just got to get my schedule straightened out.

So there ya go! How are you doing on your fitness or health goals this week?

Random text between my husband and I that make me realize instantly why I love him so. I easily remember why I get annoyed with him but sometimes it takes something like this little text of me having to explain what "totes" means (hello.. it's totes obvi is it not?) that reminds me that loves me for all my little quirks. And I couldn't ask for anyone better in my life. <3

GIRLS SCOUT COOKIES! Define irony... it's Friday and I've got some awesome GS cookies waiting on me and I've decided that starting Monday I'll be giving up sweets. #facepalm

My Nikon D5100. It is the awesome. I've been out at baseball this week for the first time getting to play with shooting with it. One day, I may actually have pictures on here that I've taken with it. But until I'm feeling up to par with this awesome new camera you'll just have to settle for my pix taken with my phone.

I'll expand on this in more detail later but I found this great pinterest on how to make your own air freshener with 3 things. Jar, baking soda, essential oil. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Dole's Fruit Crisps. This week has been cold and rainy (except for one awesome 60 degree day) and my co-worker introduced me to these little bowls of heavenly goodness. They've made my afternoon snacks so much more warm and comfy. Hey, it's the small things in life.

Ok so I realize that my list is kind of out of order but that's the order that it is in my head, not the collage. Ah well, ya'll get it! Have a great Friday!

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I don't get a lot of traffic on this blog. I know this, you know this. I mean I was jumping for joy the other day when I have 34 page views... in one day! But, being a rockstar blogger isn't what I'm all about (or is it? Hmm)..

So for all.. oh 34 of you out there.. here's someone that I just have to share with you all. She's not a sponsor, she's not asked me to post about her (she's got 100X more followers than I do so I should be begging her).

But I love reading her blog. She's got fashion and makeup and weight loss, oh my! And she's as cute as a button. What's not to love?

But seriously, I find her inspiring. I find her funny. I find her down to earth and I love to read her and of course that means I want you all to love and read her too!

So I introduce to you...  Maria-Isabel

Agape Love Designs
(this is her button, grab it if you'd like)

She just posted her Would You Rather and I had to jump in on the fun! You can to!! Answer yourself in the comments or post your own and link me to it! I'd love to read!

Would you rather have a small wardrobe of designer pieces or a large wardrobe with no designer pieces?
Large wardrobe! The reason I don't and won't buy designer (unless it's a hand me down or too good of a price to pass up) is because I don't want to wear or carry anything that I'm afraid of getting wet, dirty or scratched. That means clothes too. Sorry, I'm just not into labels all that much.

Would you rather leave the house with messy hair and nice makeup or with nice hair and no makeup?
Since my makeup skill is minimal, meaning as long as I got foundation on I'm good, then I guess I go for the hair more so than the face. My hair is no-hassle (unless you count how long it takes to flat iron) and so is my makeup.

Would you rather have an orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can't be covered?
Stripes! Orange spray tan? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Would you rather only be able to wear the color black or never wear high heels again?
I love the color black (it's so easy to pair with things!) but heels, I could give up in a heartbeat. I'm a flip-flop kinda gal here (who is really showing her UNfashionista side in this whole thing aren't I?)

Would you rather run a marathon or go to a boot camp class?
At this point running for me is only out of necessity - meaning someone or something is chasing me - so bring on the boot camp!

Would you rather never wear jeans again or never be able to wear dresses?
Oooh, I love both jeans and dresses (skirts too), but I can't give up the jeans. They are my go-to when I just want to throw something on.

Would you rather have a cloak of invisibility, or an endless closet of stuff you want to wear?
If anyone answers cloak of invisibility, they are dead to me. HAH! No not really, but seriously, who's going to turn down an endless closet of stuff to wear??

Would you rather spend a month wearing elastic waist and bottom sweatpants everywhere you go, or a month without internet?
I'd rather wear elastic waist and bottom sweatpants and give up going to the salon for a month than EVER thing about going a month without internet!! Please don't take it away! It's my life force! Plus, how is girl supposed to pay bills anymore without the internet, I mean really come on?

Would you rather live without Jeans or Mascara?
Ok. Maybe this would be the one thing I'd give up jeans for. Because without mascara, I GOT NO EYELASHES! I mean I got less eyelashes than dolphins have chest hair. You get that right? It sounded funny in my head.

Would you rather live without lotion or lip balm?
Seeing that I just cameback from the dermatologist with all that excema stuff, I'm thinking I better choose lotion. But that would be really hard to give up lip balm because, I just don't do "lip stick". I'm way more of a lip balm, chapstick kind of gal and to take that away feels a little sad.

Would you rather have to wear Mimi Makeup for a year or give up makeup for the rest of your life?
Oh honey, the makeup would be gone! No questions, no hesitation.

Would you rather wear a fanny pack or socks with sandals? 
I LOOOOVE socks. And considering I already wear socks with sandals (ok slides, whatever) when I get done working out (okay, so I only did this at the gym because I hated be stuffed into my sneakers with sweaty socks).. so technically I already do the socks and sandals thing. Yeah, I'm old enough to feel okay with admitting this.

Would you rather go without shaving your legs forever or without shaving your under arms forever?

HAHA! I WIN QUESTION! I would go without shaving under my arms forever because 5 years ago I had laser done under my arms! No hair! SCORE! But seriously the thought of not shaving my legs for even 3 days, let alone forever makes me want to cry and/or vomit.

Would you rather wear heels all the time or never wear heels?
I really like heels but frankly flats are my best friend right now so I could ditch heels and not feel even an inclining of sadness. That is until I put on one of my favorite dresses that just looks weird without heels, then I probably would cry.

Ok, so in the fashion of Ms. Agape herself, if you want to join in on the fun, feel free to answer them in the comments or do your own blog post with your answers and link me to them!

No. Really.

Here we are half way through this week and I'm still trying to figure out what happened to this past weekend.     It seems like there's so much going on that time is just flying but dare I say I love it? I feel like work is busy enough but not so much that I'm freaking out. Church is keeping me busy and it's a kind of busy that I really enjoy. My kid is about to start baseball season, so that's going to be chewing up some time and I'll love every minute of yelling from the bleachers. I'm really hoping I'll fit working out in there somewhere...

Which by the way I skipped yesterday's "AM CARDIO" that I had scheduled because when my alarm went off at 5AM I just couldn't force myself out of bed. I'm really wanting to try to get some morning exercising in but could someone really make waking up a little easier please? So looks like I'm going to either fit in a double workout one day or push a workout on to my Sunday Rest Day.

On another random note, last year I started a challenge of reading a chapter a day of the Book of Mormon. After I finished that I did a chapter a day of Doctrine and Covenants. After that I finished The Pearl of Great Price. I attempted to read a chapter a day of the Old Testament - I stopped after about a month because I really had trouble getting through some of the chapters in a day and feeling like I really understood it. I mean really, The Old Testament is kinda a tough read (for me), so I don't feel so bad about quitting.
But what I do feel bad about is not reading my scriptures everyday anymore. I really kind of miss it. It seemed to give me a little something, oh I don't know.. a boost maybe? Whatever it was, I liked it and I seem to miss it so I think I'm going to take up another reading challenge.. maybe Doctrine and Covenants again since we're covering it in Sunday School. My real lesson learned here is that I really found reading the scriptures everyday to be a great addition to my daily routine and although it may have only been a 5 minute deal it made my day better and I'm not going to let this much time pass to pick up my scriptures again.

So, now that I've managed to be completely serious on this entire post, you're all entitled to watch the best version of  Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble".  Oh Taylor, you're just a younger version of a soon-to-be Alanis Morrisette if you keep riding down this road.

The Motivational Monday series is supposed to be posts about my heath and fitness to help motivate others or frankly, keep myself motivated. However, due to the fact that this past weekend I single-handedly reversed my whole 2 weeks of progress that I made, I'm thinking I'm totally not qualified to continue this series at this point.

I didn't make my workouts top priority, life gets in the way. But guess what, there are others out there with more going on that makes their workouts a priority. My eating has sucked and I'm finding it hard to stay healthy when I'm not cooking dinners (I'll get into that another time..) but I suppose I could change that too.

So... until I'm feeling a little better about my willpower, my drive or my motivation, I'll probably stop posting about anything of the sort.

Yes. I'm having a pity party. A giant, full blown pity party with party hats and streamers and those little things that you pull the string on and the confetti comes blowing out of. But those things don't blow confetti this time, it's going to blow fat.

I'll get over it. I'll re-evaluate and reset my goals and restart everything all over again and then I'll be all motivational and stuff, but until then I'm just going to beat myself up a bit more and watch some reality TV.

Here's a little motivation for us both
Source: Women's Health

Ok I'm over it. See it wasn't that bad was it? I'm much more of a big whiny baby in real life (and I usually direct all of it at my husband) so I got it all out of my system and I've reset my goals on my SparkPeople account. If I'm totally dedicated I can still lose my 29 pounds by May!

So here's my workout plan for the week

Monday: Weight Training (Day 1 routine - 3 sets each)

Tuesday: AM Cardio

Wednesday: Cardio & Weight Training (Day 2 routine - 3 sets each)
Thursday: AM Cardio

Friday: Weight Training
Saturday: Cardio

Sunday: REST

My current workout was generated by Jefit! You can add me on Jefit here