There's been a lot going on and I always have a lot on my mind (I'd swear I am ADD but I just don't really believe it) so I've had a hard time getting things together to put a real update out here on what's happening over here in the Pantelis family.

This week I got an email from my son's teacher, which isn't weird because we had been talking via email about bringing cupcakes on Friday to celebrate his birthday with his school buddies. But then I got this gem:

I forgot to tell you - Nikkos will be going to a 2nd grade class for Guided Reading group. He is on an "N" level and instead of having only 2 students in a group I thought it better to send them on up!!!!! YAY!!! They will be going to 2nd Grade Teacher's Name on Tuesday and Wednesdays each week. 
This is great news because my Nikkos is a 1st grader, and the first thing I did, after I squealed was go and look up what N level guided reading group meant. Well according to the Scholastic Leveling Chart (which I'm assuming is correct) kiddo is reading a solid 2nd grade level, see how this breaks out below...

This makes me happy, happy happy. Yes, I know that link was totally unrelated but I couldn't help myself.
Our favorite books right now are anything from the Magic Tree House series. We're currently reading the 3rd (of 4) Enchanted Tunnel series (I can't say enough about these books!!). We've read the 1st Harry Potter and we're planning to start the 2nd. I'm hoping over the summer we'll back out of the chapter books a little because the summer reading challenge at the library is awesome... unless you're reading chapter books.
Last weekend was the first time in years he's fallen asleep in my arms
Did I forget to mention that Nikk's birthday is coming up this Saturday? So between just inviting kids from his class, our family friends, and friends from baseball/football I ended up sending out over 40 invites.  Holy cow. Next year I'm whittling this way down and I think I've got a better priority list managed - friends, church friends and family friends only - then we'll just go to the school that day to celebrate with this school friends. Luckily (or not) I've only have 4 school friends RSVP but our count so far is still rounding up close to 25 kids. For a party, that is huge. But we're having it at the Spartanburg YMCA as they have their new indoor water parkish kind of thing. I'm not overly clear on the details but I know they have a lazy river, slides and some water spout kind of stuff. I'm sure I'll have tons of pictures to update later with about this.

So moving on to Chris. He spent last weekend digging a bunch of holes and planting our landscaping in the front yard. Yes, we've lived in the house for over a year and we are just now getting to finish our landscaping. And technically, it's only because we got in trouble with the HOA. Seriously, we're not *those* kind of neighbors, it's just been a weird year. So, all that is left is to throw down some pine needles on the front bed and WHEW! Wait, I lied. We have raised beds to be constructed and more grass to go down and when I say "we" I mean "Chris". But we're making progress and that's awesome.

Also, I want to share something on here that Chris will probably get mad at me for sharing but it really means the world to me and I love when he shows me how awesome he is. So, for those of you who don't know Chris, he was baptized Greek Orthodox when he was younger. When we married, he knew I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but at that point I wasn't very active. Long story short, I'm active and he's super supportive. He usually goes to Sacrament with me and Nikkos whenever he can. But he always left before the 2nd and 3rd block, I think he just felt uncomfortable. Well, two weekends ago not only did I get to have my hubby sitting next to me during Sunday School but while I went to Relief Society he jumped into Elder's Quorum like a BOSS! I totally can't express how happy this makes me, even if it was the last time he goes for a while.

no really.
So, all that being said, Chris told Nikkos and I that he won't be playing Spring football (oh, I'll have to share some of the fun about adult men playing flag football another time), and that he could go to church with us more often.

 So happy!! I'm not getting my hopes up (okay I am but I'm trying to be realistic). I'm not trying to force him into anything, but man it really makes my whole week feel better when I've been able to share something as awesome as this with him. So I guess I'll have to just wait and see...

Lil' ole me. I've been posting a lot more which I really enjoy. Sometimes this is just my verbal vomit therapy. You know, when you just want to get it all out and have no where else to put it and still be relevant? So here it is.  I've also been pretty busy at work which is good because it makes the days pass faster, but it's bad because it also makes the days pass faster. See, I just don't have enough hours in the day! I'm semi-falling behind in some of my responsibilities for some church stuff I'm involved in and that's no bueno. Also, I've spent about 10 hours this week working on a computer for a friend from church. It was locking up every time she logged in and basically wasn't functional and this is not acceptable. This same lady brings me expired (and non-expired) coupons to church each Sunday and I really felt like this would be a way to tell her thank you. And honestly, when I went to go work on it at her house it gave us a chance to sit and talk and get to know one another better and I have to say, she's one cool lady.

And did I forget to mention that I'm trying to work out 5 times a week? Yeah... I'm kind of hitting my goal of that, with some creative time scheduling but it's working out so far and I'm getting some results from it so it makes it that much more rewarding. The eating healthy thing, much harder. But it's happening and it's helping. I'll post more about that later.

Well, all I can say is if you're still here reading.. CONGRATULATIONS! You don't win anything but I appreciate that you find this stuff interesting enough to spend some time here on my little chunk of the internet.
And with that... see ya on the next post!