I don't get a lot of traffic on this blog. I know this, you know this. I mean I was jumping for joy the other day when I have 34 page views... in one day! But, being a rockstar blogger isn't what I'm all about (or is it? Hmm)..

So for all.. oh 34 of you out there.. here's someone that I just have to share with you all. She's not a sponsor, she's not asked me to post about her (she's got 100X more followers than I do so I should be begging her).

But I love reading her blog. She's got fashion and makeup and weight loss, oh my! And she's as cute as a button. What's not to love?

But seriously, I find her inspiring. I find her funny. I find her down to earth and I love to read her and of course that means I want you all to love and read her too!

So I introduce to you...  Maria-Isabel

Agape Love Designs
(this is her button, grab it if you'd like)

She just posted her Would You Rather and I had to jump in on the fun! You can to!! Answer yourself in the comments or post your own and link me to it! I'd love to read!

Would you rather have a small wardrobe of designer pieces or a large wardrobe with no designer pieces?
Large wardrobe! The reason I don't and won't buy designer (unless it's a hand me down or too good of a price to pass up) is because I don't want to wear or carry anything that I'm afraid of getting wet, dirty or scratched. That means clothes too. Sorry, I'm just not into labels all that much.

Would you rather leave the house with messy hair and nice makeup or with nice hair and no makeup?
Since my makeup skill is minimal, meaning as long as I got foundation on I'm good, then I guess I go for the hair more so than the face. My hair is no-hassle (unless you count how long it takes to flat iron) and so is my makeup.

Would you rather have an orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can't be covered?
Stripes! Orange spray tan? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Would you rather only be able to wear the color black or never wear high heels again?
I love the color black (it's so easy to pair with things!) but heels, I could give up in a heartbeat. I'm a flip-flop kinda gal here (who is really showing her UNfashionista side in this whole thing aren't I?)

Would you rather run a marathon or go to a boot camp class?
At this point running for me is only out of necessity - meaning someone or something is chasing me - so bring on the boot camp!

Would you rather never wear jeans again or never be able to wear dresses?
Oooh, I love both jeans and dresses (skirts too), but I can't give up the jeans. They are my go-to when I just want to throw something on.

Would you rather have a cloak of invisibility, or an endless closet of stuff you want to wear?
If anyone answers cloak of invisibility, they are dead to me. HAH! No not really, but seriously, who's going to turn down an endless closet of stuff to wear??

Would you rather spend a month wearing elastic waist and bottom sweatpants everywhere you go, or a month without internet?
I'd rather wear elastic waist and bottom sweatpants and give up going to the salon for a month than EVER thing about going a month without internet!! Please don't take it away! It's my life force! Plus, how is girl supposed to pay bills anymore without the internet, I mean really come on?

Would you rather live without Jeans or Mascara?
Ok. Maybe this would be the one thing I'd give up jeans for. Because without mascara, I GOT NO EYELASHES! I mean I got less eyelashes than dolphins have chest hair. You get that right? It sounded funny in my head.

Would you rather live without lotion or lip balm?
Seeing that I just cameback from the dermatologist with all that excema stuff, I'm thinking I better choose lotion. But that would be really hard to give up lip balm because, I just don't do "lip stick". I'm way more of a lip balm, chapstick kind of gal and to take that away feels a little sad.

Would you rather have to wear Mimi Makeup for a year or give up makeup for the rest of your life?
Oh honey, the makeup would be gone! No questions, no hesitation.

Would you rather wear a fanny pack or socks with sandals? 
I LOOOOVE socks. And considering I already wear socks with sandals (ok slides, whatever) when I get done working out (okay, so I only did this at the gym because I hated be stuffed into my sneakers with sweaty socks).. so technically I already do the socks and sandals thing. Yeah, I'm old enough to feel okay with admitting this.

Would you rather go without shaving your legs forever or without shaving your under arms forever?

HAHA! I WIN QUESTION! I would go without shaving under my arms forever because 5 years ago I had laser done under my arms! No hair! SCORE! But seriously the thought of not shaving my legs for even 3 days, let alone forever makes me want to cry and/or vomit.

Would you rather wear heels all the time or never wear heels?
I really like heels but frankly flats are my best friend right now so I could ditch heels and not feel even an inclining of sadness. That is until I put on one of my favorite dresses that just looks weird without heels, then I probably would cry.

Ok, so in the fashion of Ms. Agape herself, if you want to join in on the fun, feel free to answer them in the comments or do your own blog post with your answers and link me to them!