Hey-llo Internet!
I say hey, you say hello... hey-llo!

So are you hitting your fitness goals this week? Monday I had talked about how I had goofed up being all cray cray over the weekend and how I was going to make up for it. I haven't been able to keep my schedule like I was hoping, apparently me waking up for an AM cardio session just isn't going to happen. Little League baseball starting this week hasn't helped BUT I'm determined, so I may still get my 5 workouts in.

By the way, I'm thinking of mentioning to our elementary school that we should do Spirit Night somewhere that doesn't have their salad buffet directly next to their pizza buffet, which happens to have chocolate chip pizza on it. I don't have to tell you which one I hit.

So let's catch up here shall we? I'll be pariodically linking up here with Kelly from Honor, Courage, Commitment for her Fitness Friday!
Oh and she's totally a Southern Blogger too!!

Weight Training , mainly my upper body

NADDA! I slept in and missed my AM cardio I was supposed to get and instead of making it up in the evening, I went to my Relief Society Activity where we got to listen to some great talks on relationships and eat tons of chocolate. I did good, I only ate half a ton. But seriously, I stayed under 1500 calories for the day, so I'm on track.

At least I did stick to my routine this day! I did  my full body weight training and Zumba later. I had to throw the towel in about 25 minutes into Zumba though. I was DONE.

AM Cardio? No way! But I did spend the evening walking back and forth from the pizza buffet at my kid's spirit night for school and I walked around the baseball field helping a little girl find a bathroom. Does that count? Oh and I'm pretty sure I busted over my 1500 calories this day - I didn't track when I got home just out of shame.

So seeing as how I've missed 2 of my  scheduled 5 workouts already, my plan is to hit my weight training tonight, and cardio both Saturday and Sunday to make up.

I'm weighing in Saturday and I've only lost 1 pound of my goal of 2 a week so we'll have to see if I meet that goal or not. I'm kind of hoping that my very healthy lunch and dinner today and workout will help make up for the Tuesday and Thursday overload. I've been doing pretty good about keeping my eating in check and logging everything I'm eating so I've just got to get my schedule straightened out.

So there ya go! How are you doing on your fitness or health goals this week?