This morning on the ride into school my son wanted to discuss Ash Wednesday and the purpose of it. He's learning about it and of course, he's going to come to the smartest person he knows (his Dad wasn't in the car) to ask stuff.

But, minor problem asking me about Ash Wednesday.
...and we don't observe Ash Wednesday as a formal  "day" (it's formally Wednesday but you get my drift), but my son is learning about it and I'm all about that.

I'm probably not the best source, but hey I'm not ignorant, I can Google some stuff! So we talked about how it's about self-examination and fasting, usually giving up something pleasurable. We decided for him, if he were to observe it, he would give up chocolate milk. I opted for chocolate. Like mother, like son. What can I say!

So then we started discussing why we LDS folks don't really celebrate Ash Wednesday or Lent (celebrate, is that really the right word here?).

From my limited knowledge, meaning I've basically looked it up on and done some Googling, is that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doesn't officially recognize Ash Wednesday or practice Lent because it was a ritual that was created during the Great Apostasy. By the way, I think moderate mormon did a great job explaining this topic.

But here's my go at it!

After the deaths of Jesus and his Apostles, the principals of the gospel and the Church were corrupted by men who made unauthorized changes to the Church and the priesthood ordinances. Because of this, the Lord took the priesthood from the earth. During the time that this priesthood not being on earth is known as the Great Apostasy.

When Joseph Smith was visited by Jesus and Heavenly Father it began the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ to earth. You can read more about the restoration.
The First Vision

Wow, that's deep for a car ride to school, am I right?

Ok, so I really did a quick abbreviated version of this but my kiddo understood and we both got a little more knowledgeable about it all so I think that was a success. It's amazing how my son guides me to actually learn more about myself and my spirituality.

On a side note, LDS usually don't punctuate the crucifixion of Jesus. We tend to focus much more on the resurrection of Jesus. That's why we don't have crosses or displays of the crucifixion in our churches. Just a little more Mormon 101 for ya.

So if whether you are practicing or not today, Happy Ash Wednesday ya'll!  We're all children of God so let's make it a great day! And thanks for giving me the chance to just share my practices with you.