I posted a Wordless Wednesday yesterday, that's my nifty way of getting out of actually having to put words down on this here blog. This week has been a busy one but really, I've just been tied up with a lot of mundane, non-blog worthy stuff. And that sucks. But it's February!

And it's Thursday, a new day! And just so you know, when you have to start your day with Ibuprofen... it can only get better right?

Speaking of headaches, it's tax season. Tax season is tough. All the receipts and the deductions. All the math. Whew! And as you can very well see, I don't really do my own taxes. But I do have to go to the accountant's office and sign them when my husband calls and tells me to. But seriously, what a pain, right??  I think this is what keeps my marriage together. My husband doesn't have to go through the hassle of all the tax stuff (other than getting paperwork together) and I don't have to go through the hassle of hearing him yell from the office. It's a win-win situation. Who knew our accountant was marriage therapy. Don't tell him that, he'll probably charge more.

But it's February and there's so much more excitement than preparing for taxes! We have my son's birthday party coming up in just a few days. SEVEN YEARS OLD. Wow, when did that happen? Someone once told me many years ago (about 7 to be exact) that time flies when you have kids. Of course when I received that little gem of wisdom I quickly shrugged it off and laughed because nothing goes by as fast as High School (if only I would have known that in High School). But here I sit 7 years later wondering where the time went and who it was that told me about time flying - because apparently after children your memory goes too.

Speaking of memory, did anyone remember that Valentine's Day is coming up? Yeah, I did too but I'm still not really jumping on that crazy love train anymore. My husband and I kind of decided that the big V-Day celebration stuff is overrated and that we are awesome-in-love all the time so we don't need a special day to celebrate it. Ok, really it turns out that neither of us care for storing old Valentine's day cards and other than having a reason to dress up a little and hit a restaurant fancier than Chick-Fil-A, there's not too many perks. So, we kind of do Valentine's day our way, which this year I'm letting him take care of so it will be a surprise for  me (and you!).

Speaking of... um, nothing...I better get going, did you not see all that planning I have going on from my Wordless Wednesday picture?