Random text between my husband and I that make me realize instantly why I love him so. I easily remember why I get annoyed with him but sometimes it takes something like this little text of me having to explain what "totes" means (hello.. it's totes obvi is it not?) that reminds me that loves me for all my little quirks. And I couldn't ask for anyone better in my life. <3

GIRLS SCOUT COOKIES! Define irony... it's Friday and I've got some awesome GS cookies waiting on me and I've decided that starting Monday I'll be giving up sweets. #facepalm

My Nikon D5100. It is the awesome. I've been out at baseball this week for the first time getting to play with shooting with it. One day, I may actually have pictures on here that I've taken with it. But until I'm feeling up to par with this awesome new camera you'll just have to settle for my pix taken with my phone.

I'll expand on this in more detail later but I found this great pinterest on how to make your own air freshener with 3 things. Jar, baking soda, essential oil. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Dole's Fruit Crisps. This week has been cold and rainy (except for one awesome 60 degree day) and my co-worker introduced me to these little bowls of heavenly goodness. They've made my afternoon snacks so much more warm and comfy. Hey, it's the small things in life.

Ok so I realize that my list is kind of out of order but that's the order that it is in my head, not the collage. Ah well, ya'll get it! Have a great Friday!

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