Holy schnikies! How did Friday get here so fast???
The good thing is, I'm off from work today! I'll be joining up with my kiddo at school today for lunch and basically getting everything set for Nikkos' 7th birthday party! Yes, you'll have to endure all the pictures from that, so consider yourself warned.

collage courtesy of Photovisi

 The Mommy-Son trip we took to spend the weekend with my parents. We celebrated my dad's belated birthday and got to finally see my mom since she's been released from the hospital after her virus and ulcer stuff hit her.

Nikk getting his first driving lesson - the same way I did, on Grampie's lap. He wasn't so fond of it so hopefully that means he won't be such a driving fied (like his Mommy). But how easy it was to wax nostalgia seeing my son sitting there on my Dad's lap like I used to. This whole mommy thing is way more emotional than I ever anticipated. Sheesh.

Nap time. Here is my 6 year old son taking a breather in his Mommy's arms. He hasn't done this since he was 1 or 2 at most. I guess this is what happens when he slides out of a tree leaving a 6 inch gash in his belly, baby needs a nap! His gash is fine, it's really only a scratch but I'll take any reason I can get to have him nap in my arms again.

3 lbs down! And I'm not going to lie, it's more than that but I'm hesitant to think I'm going to make it through the weekend without gaining at least 1 of those bad boys back. But hey, making smarter food decisions and exercising.. they kept saying it does wonders. Who knew! (by the way did you notice I strategically placed that letter over my weight! HAH I'm smarts!)

Getting stuff burned off your skin. While I went on an on about my skin issues the other day I have to admit I'm long overdue for taking care of some of these skin issue and like that little burned off cherry angioma pictured above. I mean it was right on my shin and every time I shaved if I nicked it it would bleed like a B-rate horror flick! So it's nice to have that gone and to know that my skin is fairly healthy (so I can go fry it in the tanning bed this spring.. hah!)

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Happy High Fiving!!