I had one of those days today.

You know the ones. Where you drive off in the morning all proud because you remembered to pack your son's book fair money & got his baseball practice gear together only to find out when you arrive at work that it's all fine and dandy until you have to turn back around because you forgot to grab the one thing that you work on during the day... your laptop.

Oh and when I packed lunch I up and grabbed a frozen chicken breast, you know, the ones that are fully cooked so you can just pop them in the microwave and get a nice, moist, chicken breast? Yeah, well I didn't grab one of those. I grabbed the real ones, that hasn't been cooked yet, so basically to avoid the option of posting about my week with salmonella, I nuked that sucker till I had chicken jerky!

It seriously reminded me of the turkey from Christmas Vacation! (and if you give me long enough I think I can relate everything back to that movie, it's one of my favorites).

Yeah, you remember that turkey right?
But I topped mine with Sriracha hot sauce and chowed down.

See, I make a good situation out of a bad. That and I was hungry and I wasn't about to give up my chicken.

But I suppose all of this was really just a side-effect because I spent most of Sunday running around instead of preparing, like I usually sometimes do.

Instead, I spent Sunday evening making jam and watching The Amazing Race and The Walking Dead. Which at the time was awesome, but when I woke up this morning running around all crazy like, maybe wasn't such a smart idea.

So, let's recap shall we.

My first attempt at strawberry jam went really well. My first attempt at no-sugar, no-pectin strawberry jam is still debatable. I don't like it at all. My son doesn't like it at all. My diabetic father-in-law loves it so I guess I still win right? Either way, it was really fun and pretty easy so I can totally see myself doing this again. I can't wait to try with something like figs or blueberries.

So luckily I finished up all the jam right when my son finished watching The Shaggy Dog, so I could throw him in bed and we could fire up the DVR !

business in the front, party in the back!
The Amazing Race. Seriously, I'm not invested this season. Usually by now I have a team I love and at least one team I hate and I'm emotionally charged during the shows. Not so much this season. The only team that is remotely interesting to me is the Alabama couple and only because I'm trying to see how resilient his afro-mullet is. I mean that helmet of hair is withstanding some serious tests without losing a bounce of curl!

Oh but The Walking Dead is making up for the lack of drama TAR is missing that's for sure! Ok, so let me just put this out there. I don't like scary movies and I don't like gore. So I'm the one that watches until the zombies start attacking and then I just kind of hide behind fingers until the blood spattering has ended. Speaking of blood spattering, Angela totally took a page out of Michone's book, didn't she? Go girl. I still don't like her because she's a traitor (although seemingly a distressed traitor).

I'm wondering if Meryl is going to stick to the straight and narrow now that he's in with the prison crew or is he going to eventually throw them under the bus. Anyway, the previews for next week look really good, I'm really excited/scared to see the prison vs. Governor thing come to a head though because that means before it's resolved they'll end the season and we'll have to wait another 3 months or longer to figure out what's going on!

I'm going to do another update tonight (high expectations!!) with my Motivational Monday series... stay tuned