The Motivational Monday series is supposed to be posts about my heath and fitness to help motivate others or frankly, keep myself motivated. However, due to the fact that this past weekend I single-handedly reversed my whole 2 weeks of progress that I made, I'm thinking I'm totally not qualified to continue this series at this point.

I didn't make my workouts top priority, life gets in the way. But guess what, there are others out there with more going on that makes their workouts a priority. My eating has sucked and I'm finding it hard to stay healthy when I'm not cooking dinners (I'll get into that another time..) but I suppose I could change that too.

So... until I'm feeling a little better about my willpower, my drive or my motivation, I'll probably stop posting about anything of the sort.

Yes. I'm having a pity party. A giant, full blown pity party with party hats and streamers and those little things that you pull the string on and the confetti comes blowing out of. But those things don't blow confetti this time, it's going to blow fat.

I'll get over it. I'll re-evaluate and reset my goals and restart everything all over again and then I'll be all motivational and stuff, but until then I'm just going to beat myself up a bit more and watch some reality TV.

Here's a little motivation for us both
Source: Women's Health

Ok I'm over it. See it wasn't that bad was it? I'm much more of a big whiny baby in real life (and I usually direct all of it at my husband) so I got it all out of my system and I've reset my goals on my SparkPeople account. If I'm totally dedicated I can still lose my 29 pounds by May!

So here's my workout plan for the week

Monday: Weight Training (Day 1 routine - 3 sets each)

Tuesday: AM Cardio

Wednesday: Cardio & Weight Training (Day 2 routine - 3 sets each)
Thursday: AM Cardio

Friday: Weight Training
Saturday: Cardio

Sunday: REST

My current workout was generated by Jefit! You can add me on Jefit here