Remember when I was talking about how I was diagnosed with a small bout of psoriasis? Yeah, well after I visited a dermatologist it turns out it's not really psoriasis! Yay! It's really eczema. Boo!

Actually, I found out a lot of neat things while there, so of course I'm going to share them with you all!
One of the things I found out that I have eczema. Eczema is usually something found in babies - which I am not. I also have rosacea. Which is usually found in older women - which I am not. So apparently I've got these skin things all mixed up! Actually, my mom has rosacea and it's hereditary so I suppose I had it coming. I've got 2 prescription creams for both and hopefully I won't be itchy and red-faced anymore (unless I'm working out, then red-faced is just unavoidable).

But while I was there I figured I needed to ask her about a few other things.

Not mine, but close to it
After the zap, still healing
A small red blister-looking-thing on my shin. If you shave over it, which since it's on my shin I do quite frequently, it bleeds like the dickens! It's annoying! It turns out it's a cherry angioma and apparently they don't typically show up until after you hit 30. Yay for another sign of getting older! Good news, she zapped that thing right off!
Next on the list was checking a few moles.. all looked good except one almost under my arm. Actually, it wasn't one of the moles I was concerned with but she happened to catch a glimpse of it and zoned in on it like a lazer... and then took that thing off too! I won't show you a picture of that because well, it's just kind of indecent. But needless to say, it's gone and I feel better and hopefully the biopsy of it comes back clean.

So the rest of the story is that tanning is bad (which I'm going to do in spring anyway) and that my skin is weird. What else is new?