Yeah, that title totally messed me up too.

My husband's a huge 49'ers fan, I've been busy consoling him. I'm not going to lie, I think the game was a great game but man there were a lot of blown calls on both sides. I personally don't care one way or another who won because unless it's the Buccs or Panthers, it's just another post-season game to me.

But I will say these few things, because I've always got things to say!

Harbaugh brothers. Oh wow, talk about a fun dinner Monday night. I loved seeing them at the end of the game. But seriously, I wouldn't want to be their mom this week.

Ray Lewis. The game wasn't about him. In fact, other than watching him get blown by, I forgot he was even in the game, until the end of course when all cameras had to fly in on him. Last game, blah blah blah...

Beyonce. I officially like her again. Not as much as I used to but she did a great job and kept it somewhat clean. It was a way better show this year than Madonna's last year, that's for sure. And, I even let my son watch it.
But what was with the Illuminati thing?

Lights Out. OMG leave it up to twitter to totally entertain the world during the light debacle. Within minutes there was @SuperbowlLights created and some of the most entertaining tweets of the year were tweeted during that short intermission.

The Ads. WINNER! I loved the Oreo Whisper Fight and the Budweiser Clydesdale and Taco Bell was pretty good. And the Farmer commercial totally had me reeled in until I realized it was all about a truck. But the one I really loved was the Audi commercial. Total winner. Loser of the the night went to GoDaddy suck face commercial. Seriously, do you realize how awkward it was in my house with my 70-something year old father-in-law and my 6 year old son sitting there with us during that incredibly long and loud kiss. Commercials are supposed to be fun and not make me want to go shower.

And finally, the thing that really hit me this Superbowl was the Sandy Hook chorus. Yeah, I cried like a baby a little. Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys did wonderful but those kids. Man. Heart strings pulled.

Anyway, regardless of the outcome, another great American tradition is done with this year, now I can get focused on my kiddo's birthday coming up next weekend!