No. Really.

Here we are half way through this week and I'm still trying to figure out what happened to this past weekend.     It seems like there's so much going on that time is just flying but dare I say I love it? I feel like work is busy enough but not so much that I'm freaking out. Church is keeping me busy and it's a kind of busy that I really enjoy. My kid is about to start baseball season, so that's going to be chewing up some time and I'll love every minute of yelling from the bleachers. I'm really hoping I'll fit working out in there somewhere...

Which by the way I skipped yesterday's "AM CARDIO" that I had scheduled because when my alarm went off at 5AM I just couldn't force myself out of bed. I'm really wanting to try to get some morning exercising in but could someone really make waking up a little easier please? So looks like I'm going to either fit in a double workout one day or push a workout on to my Sunday Rest Day.

On another random note, last year I started a challenge of reading a chapter a day of the Book of Mormon. After I finished that I did a chapter a day of Doctrine and Covenants. After that I finished The Pearl of Great Price. I attempted to read a chapter a day of the Old Testament - I stopped after about a month because I really had trouble getting through some of the chapters in a day and feeling like I really understood it. I mean really, The Old Testament is kinda a tough read (for me), so I don't feel so bad about quitting.
But what I do feel bad about is not reading my scriptures everyday anymore. I really kind of miss it. It seemed to give me a little something, oh I don't know.. a boost maybe? Whatever it was, I liked it and I seem to miss it so I think I'm going to take up another reading challenge.. maybe Doctrine and Covenants again since we're covering it in Sunday School. My real lesson learned here is that I really found reading the scriptures everyday to be a great addition to my daily routine and although it may have only been a 5 minute deal it made my day better and I'm not going to let this much time pass to pick up my scriptures again.

So, now that I've managed to be completely serious on this entire post, you're all entitled to watch the best version of  Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble".  Oh Taylor, you're just a younger version of a soon-to-be Alanis Morrisette if you keep riding down this road.