It's the 14th.
It's Thursday.
It's partly sunny.
It's cold.

Why is everyone wearing red? With hearts?

Oh yeah, this is the day that everyone has bouquet envy. When everyone is crammed into restaurants and are all lovey-dovey!

It's Valentine's Day!

But I'm not a valentine's day kinda gal. Not that I don't appreciate going to a restaurant (I just don't like it when it's slammed). And I certainly love my chocolate (hence my new and improved exercise plan). And I always love flowers (in my garden).

And maybe it's just because I like to keep my holidays simple and I don't like throwing out cards (so I say don't buy them for me) that I just choose to tell my most awesome husband that I love him and that I hope he has a wonderful valentine's day.

He gets off the hook for valentine stuff and as long as he texts me something extra mushy, I'm good.

So, I'm going to let you in on a little secret as to why I don't need all this extra valentine's day stuff.

Shh... ready?

He gives me everything I need every day and spoils me at the most unpredictable  times (pshaw.. everyday!)

So, with that being said, I can't WAIT to see all the pictures of flowers and chocolates and mushy posts!!!  Because whatever it is that makes everyone happy today, I hope we all do it or get it!

may your heart be full of love today
(tomorrow it can be full of whatever you want)