Oh yeah! It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with Michelle@Prowess and Pearls for her awesome "Doing YOU WELL Wednesday!

I wanted to jump in on this link up because I'm kinda rocking this week out. And hey, that's what this link up is all about, taking time to celebrate some thing we are doing and celebrating ourselves!

So let's get this this pants off dance off started!

So this week started off badly, I wasn't feeling well and my son's baseball season has just started so that means my house if going 200% in all different directions. Also, a project at work is going full swing, in fact is was getting pretty far behind and that really stresses me out. So basically, I was getting it from all sides.

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But yesterday, things turned around and although the project I'm still working on is still behind schedule, we got some major forward motion going and that my friends, is HUGE. The project is still going to be stressful and all but just getting us past this hold up was a big deal. Like Paris Hilton in 2003

Yeah I don't know how Paris fit in with all of this but hey.. work with me.

So yeah, moving on. Then last night my son's baseball practice was cancelled due to the rain and I gotta say, I've never been more happy to hear that a practice was cancelled. I just didn't feel like sitting out in the cold again for another night this week. We already had practice on Monday and scheduled for Thursday so this was a welcomed break.

So we decided to take the evening and let my son hang out with his Greek Grandpa while my hubby and I tried out a new fitness place near our house that I talked about on Monday, 9 Round. This may not seem like a welcome break to some but my husband I are are trying to increase our fitness and decrease our fat and lazy and so hey, what a better way right? Plus, the first workout is free!
souce: 9round.com

Let me just say this. 9  Round totally and utterly kicked my booty. My husband's too. I got through the 9 rounds and it took 30 minutes and that was hands down the hardest workout that I've ever done in 30 minutes. But man did I feel good afterwards. Needless to say, we're going to join up for a bit.

But what was really cool, was on our way home a lady had run out of gas and her truck was stuck in an awkward place of a very dangerous curve. My husband, seriously ladies is one of those guys that really just acts on things, he helps people before I can even think of what's going on. We end up going to the store up the road to grab her a gallon of gas. We jump her car off. We being him. I spent the time flagging down cars with the flashlight so they didn't barrel into the back of this poor woman. And once she was on her way, we headed home to spend the rest of the evening with our son.... and heating pads... and ice.

But seriously, starting this work week off I was not happy really about my progress with anything, at work or with my fitness goals and not only did I get to really get both jump started again but we even got to help someone out.

By the way, if you were one of the 50 people who drove by (some recklessly) and didn't even bother to stop and ask if everything was okay with this lady... I hope your conscious is eating at you today.

But.. back to the positive. All is back on track and got my head right for the rest of the week to come!