It's been a while (at least 2+ weeks) since I've linked up with Kelly @ Honor, Courage, Commitment for Fitness Friday, and not because I haven't wanted to but because I basically have been not getting any of my fitness on!

But that's all changed my friends.

Because other than my plan to hit 9 Round tonight and my 1 session of 9 Round on Monday - I haven't done jack. Unless I can count walking around baseball fields, exercise. Which I will.  Because I can.

(by the way, I have a free pass and referral for anyone in my area looking to join the Lyman 9 round)

But on the real. I've got a plan and it's going into motion and part of that plan is getting my 9 Round on.
So I've posted about it before but I wanted to take a minute to get into what the 9 Rounds actually consist of.  Because some of those rounds actually are therapeutic for me. They (whoever they are) say exercise is a stress reliever and I have experienced the benefits of it in this manner but until now.. I never really understood it. See, part of 9 Round is that you do some serious punching on a heavy bag an agility bag and a speed bag. I'm not going to lie, these are my favorite rounds!

Because what is more therapeutic than imagining someone who's totally ruined your day (or your project, but I'm not saying that's happening to me...) and then punching the crap out of them - figuratively on the bag?
So, because the next few weeks of my fitness is primarily going to consist of 9 Rounds and my fitness updates will most likely be more geared toward what I did and what I ate.. I'm going to take this time to go ahead and fill ya'll in on what the rounds are like.

You can find all this info here (scroll down), but I'll hook ya up if you don't feel like clicking. Plus I'm going to give you some of my own personal insight on each round that I'm sure you don't want to miss out on.

Round 1 & 2
9 Rounds says: These stations are the "Strength Building" rounds. They say this consists using dumb bells, kettle balls, medicine balls, jump ropes and other equipment to build strength and stamina.

Jonna says: These are your "have an asthma attack" stations. I've definitely done the jump rope and my husband tried to knock my head off with the medicine ball when we did a couples work out. We started with me holding the medicine ball, him doing a burpee, me throwing the medicine ball to him, me doing a burpee, him throwing the medicine ball to me. However, my husband.. bless his heart.. has some rhythm issues. So long story short I ended up with a medicine ball to the back of the head while in the middle of a burpee. By the way, I hate burpees. like HATE.

Round 3-8
9 Round says: This is where the FUN begins. You'll strike a variety of bags including 100lb Heavy Bags to build power, double end bags to increase hand eye coordination and timing and speed bags to develop shoulder conditioning and speed.

Jonna says: They are right, this is where the fun begins. I love the double end bags (which I call agility bags) because you really have to focus on it. Sometimes you're just straight punching it, other times you're doing combos. Whatever. Then you get to the heavy bag, sometimes your punching then jumping over it, sometimes your straddling it on the floor and just wailing on it. All I know is I get the best satisfaction of just punching the heck out of this thing. There's also a bag that you do combination punches and kicks on. That's another favorite of mine.
Now, station 7 in our 9 Round is confusing to me. It's a strange bag that I've never seen before, it's like a horizontal bag of sorts. The first time I went I was told to lay under it and keeping my legs straight, swing my legs all around this bag - which is an AB KILLER. It was so hard. The other night when I was working out with my husband, we didn't use the bag at all, we just did hip rotations while on all fours under the bag. Eh, I dunno.. but it works.

Station 9
9 Round says: Station 9 is dedicated to the core. We want to get you as strong as possible and the CORE is the key. Besides all the other kicking and punching that you will be doing, we dedicate  a full station to strengthening the most important part of your body.

Jonna Says: This is the "Jonna dies" station. Because not only am I already fatigued from all the other stations, then they want to work my most weak point. Thanks guys! I've done twisting crunches with the medicine ball once. The other night another couple came in to work out and they started on round 9 so me and the hubs and them all were doing "Crunch-Scissor kick-pushup" combos.
It's hard. But then again, nothing about 9 Round is super easy for me so I guess I can't complain.

So, there ya go! this is my workout routine in some variation. The nice thing is when I go they always change up the routines so you're not always doing the same things every time you go. In fact, between my husband and I, we haven't done any of the same things yet. So, that's great for me and my workout-ADD.

So, hopefully you got your fitness on this week (at least more than me) and can't wait to read the other Fitness Friday link up posts out there! Oh and make sure you check out Kelly from Honor, Courage, Commitment and Lindsey (from Domesticated Working Woman) are doing an awesome give away, so go check them out if you want to try to win!

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