I got my Pinterest on this past weekend! Check out what I tried... and how they turned out!

First things first, my husband recently decided that I should take on our document management for the household. He's the one that takes care of all the bills and such so I guess it's only fair for me to help out in the administrative side of things.
So.. I got organized!

I didn't use her same file folders (although I love them!) because we had a ton still here at the house, so I used the plain manilla folders. But I loved the categorization by the colored dots so much, it really does make things easier to see visually.

I tried out a new recipe as well this weekend, looking for something a little different than our everyday fare.

I didn't have mine in the cute stone pan, just a plain Pyrex but let me tell ya, tastes fantastic!

I had some extra time in the bathroom while the boys in my life have been preoccupied with baseball, so I tried out 2 baking soda pins.

The first, doing some toe-scaping.
Source: shape.com via Jonna on Pinterest

This worked! I really had my doubts about it. I'm going to spare you all the picture of my feet (you're welcome) but just know it works. I use a lot of darker nail polishes so my nails are always looking stained or something - so I was really glad this worked. Also, give it some time after you rinse your feet. I didn't see the results immediately but 10 minutes or so after I was all dried off, I could really tell.

The second was my teeth.
Source: i.imgur.com via Jonna on Pinterest

Not going to lie, the taste of hydrogen peroxide, even with Listerine, sucks. Just plain sucks. But it was a super nice refresher to brighten up your smile! But, according to my mom (who used to be a dental hygienist)  you don't want to use peroxide on your teeth too frequently it can damage your teeth, also it totally kills off bacteria in your mouth, even the bacteria that you need - yes you need bacteria. Anyway.. it worked but I'd say I wouldn't do this more than every couple of months.

Ok, so that was a lot of fun and I can't wait to try some more pins! What have you been pinning lately?
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