Holy cow ya'll! I just found out that Google Reader is shutting down after July 1st, 2013 and that's a big deal! I mean, I follow a lot of my favorite blogs through Google Friend Connect but I have a lot.. I mean A LOT of blogs and news sites that don't use Google Friend Connect and I follow them through Google Reader.

What's a girl to do?!

Well here are some alternatives I'm looking into. Netvibes, NewsBlur and Feedly.

I can tell you right now off the bat that I don't feel too good about Feedly. Only because their webpage keeps timing out and erroring. I know there's a lot of traffic because of the whole Google thing but still, if you can't handle this traffic then who's to say it's going to have a good uptime? So I'm writing them off all together (which may be a mistake but whatever.. I'm judgmental like that)

NewsBlur looks semi interesting. It gives a decent way to organize your blogs and displays things pretty nicely but something about it feels clunky. I'm not too warm and fuzzy about it but it's something that I'd use as a fallback if I really need an RSS feeder.

Netvibes. I'm totally feeling this site. Not only does it give a great RSS reader option but it incorporates another Google product that is/has shut down which was iGoogle! Everything I need on one site! In fact, the more I play with Netvibes the way more I like it and wonder why I haven't been using it before. It's a great way to have your "one stop shop" for the web!

So... for me, I'm heading to Netvibes and hopefully I'll be a happy camper.