I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for her High Five for Friday!

Hey, where is my High Five For Friday pictures? Oh that's right. I haven't taken any pictures this week. You'll understand why in a minute. Bear with me.

9 Round. I only went once this week and it was awesome. I can't wait to go back. But it's going to be a minute because I have to recover. From what am I recovering from? Wait for it...

Not dying from a respiratory infection is a good thing to high five. That's what I'm recovering from. Apparently, it started shortly before 9 Round and now I'm in the full brunt of it. But, I have meds and a weekend coming up so hopefully by Monday I'll be fully recovered!

I had to work an extra 4.5 hours over last night. I promise, that's not high five worthy. However, doing it with an awesome coworker and boss is. If I have to stay and work and not get paid extra for it, I guess I should be happy I wasn't with a bunch of jerks.

Do you ever have that friend that comes to your rescue whenever you need? I had one last night. See, Sudafed jacks me up and basically I've been surviving on it this entire week and it's apparently built up in my system because after getting home at 9:30 last night I crashed at 11pm. Only to wake up again at 2am and not fall back asleep. Ever. Like totally ever. But out of the blue one of my friends popped on Facebook and we chatted for about an hour. And then I killed the rest of the time on Pinterest. Which I'm pretty sure if I didn't have Pinterest I would have hurt someone. But it was so nice to just have someone to chat with and take my mind of my yucky lungs and ears. I really appreciate her, so go over and drop by her blog and see why she's so awesome!

Having a nurse practitioner at work. I work for a local government. You know what that means. I don't get paid a whole bunch and to be honest, each year that I've worked here our benefits have gotten smaller and smaller. Raise? What is that word? But I digress. The one thing that we do have that I consider a huge benefit is our nurse practitioner   Not only do they save me a co-pay but they are some awesome ladies and they always take care of me. Oh and wait? Whatever, I called this morning and got in 20 minutes later with no wait. Right now, they are my big time homies.

So that's it for me this week. No pix, no health, no problem!