My title is credited to Sister Dibb during this talk she gave which is pretty awesome.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about!

Back before I consolidated all my blogs into one (hint: this one!) you would find me posting on my main blog along with one that was quickly overtaking my main blog. The second, main blog (or blog in waiting) was known as Mormon Mommie and I kept it strictly faith related. Um, Mormon faith. Churchof Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints kind of Mormon. LDS kind of Mormon. So there.. it's all out in the open.

See, my faith is something that has become extremely important to me. I've only really be active in church again for a little over a year now, and wow how a year can change you! Becoming active again and growing my faith and my testimony has truly been a wonderful thing for me. It strengthens me. It comforts me. It gives me so much more than I have words for. But the reason I'm telling you all this is because I want to share some of my wonderful moments over the past year and 3 months of being a "full time Mormon". Haha! Sorry, that sounded just as weird as I thought it would.

Over the past year I've found great peace in keeping my baptismal covenants. I've gained so many wonderful friends, my Sisters In Zion! And they have truly been a blessing to me, I mean seriously these are some awesome ladies and it's a privilege to know them and call them friends. I have gained a true understanding of what a "ward family" is. I received my Patriarchal Blessing, which brings me so much love and comfort knowing that a path is there waiting for me. I received two callings, one that I absolutely love and one that I'm failing miserably in (more on this later).. but I do love them both. I've gained such love for the Bishopric and I appreciate so much more than words can express how much love and guidance they've given me. I've found how much I love raising my son in the Church and listening to him sing Primary songs is something very special for me. I've gained a love of teaching (and learning) the Gospel and reading the Scriptures. I've learned what some earthly sacrifices that I once thought were completely un-achievable (becoming a full-tither - yes I know that's not a word) is completely achievable when you have the right people backing you (ahem.. God and the Bishopric).

Ok not THAT Temple per se, since that's in KY but you get it
And the most important thing that I've gained over this year is a true desire to go to the Temple. More than anything. Wait, it's right up there with a true desire to go to the Temple with my family. Not just to get sealed to my parents, but I pray that one day my husband and son and I will be sealed together as well. This right now is what fills my heart. I think that day would probably be more important than even my wedding day (and to this Bridezilla, that was the most important day on earth)!

These are my accomplishments and goals. I'm not sharing these with the world for accolades but because these are some of the most important things in my life that I've experienced in the past year and I don't have the words to express how happy this past year has been.

My hope is that everyone finds their faith. No matter what it may be (insert missionary moment: but of course I want you to know the joy that comes from my Church so feel free to join me some Sunday!) and I hope that everyone feels the joy that I feel from it.
I love my Church.