I'm jumping on a Thursday link up today because I've been pretty busy around the office and the house so that leaves a lot less time to blog. And because nothing that I'm doing is all that interesting, it leaves a lot to be desired in the content area of my blog.

I could go on about my son's baseball season and his coach's love of scheduling last minute practices. Don't you love the Tuesday night notification, "Oh by the way, I've scheduled a practice for Thursday night!" Ok, first, scheduling means you're doing it in advance and in my world giving me 1 day notice is not advance. I have had the baseball schedule for over a month and I plan other things (aka my life) around his schedule so just throwing in another practice "here and there" isn't jiving with me, Mister.

But I said I wasn't going to talk about that.
(I'm not good at following directions)
Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay...

to have a small overflowing bowl of ice cream sometimes, even if you go over your calorie limit a little

to sometimes call someone by the wrong name, I mean it's amazing how and E on the end totally changes a name!

to not correct people when they pronounce your name wrong (because, see above)

fall asleep on the couch immediately after your son goes to sleep... 3 nights a week

to work through your lunch 2 days out of the week just to reduce your stress level a tad

that I have to work this Saturday morning for a few hours, because that's just the life of being in IT

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