Happy Thursday everybody!

So I'm pretty random right, either because of the Sudafed I'm having to take to fight off these allergy issues I've got going on right now or basically I'm just having a random kinda day. I'm going to say it's probably a combination of the two.

When I'm feeling random I usually have a hard time staying on topic. Any topic. So I'll share with you a YouTube video I found a while back.

I love this girl. Not like I know her personally or anything but I've seen her videos online of her violin dancing and I love it. I had no idea of her struggle with anorexia but I think it's so courageous of her to share it with the world. Plus, she's Mormon and for us Mormons, finding others out there is just a weird fascinating thing (at least for us that don't live in Utah, I'm assuming)

So I hope you enjoy! And if you like Lindsey, you can find more of her videos on her YouTube channel. You won't be sorry!