Hey we missed a day! 

Where did February go? That whole leap year thing always throws me off. So can you imagine how it must feel if you celebrate something awesome, like say a wedding anniversary on February 29th?

Well, if you want to know... ask my parents!

My parents were married 45 years ago on  February 29th. How fun, they celebrate big on the leap year anniversaries and the rest of the years they take it easy.  But being married that long is a serious gig these days. It's admirable. I hope that I'm celebrating my 45th anniversary with my husband one day. It seems like divorce is so easy now and marriage has lost that "till death do us part" aspect. My parents have gone through a lot together that could have easily resulted in divorce.  My dad was in the Army for the majority of those 45 years and they moved all over the world for his job. That's a lot for a couple, and then a family to acclimate to.

My parents were sealed in the Temple a couple of years ago. I find great comfort in that. I look forward to the day that I can be sealed to them. But that's a story for another day.

To know myself that marriage is wonderful but that it's not always easy, it makes seeing them together for 45 years really sink in as to how much they've invested into one another. They've worked to make their marriage last. They are an example of how life isn't always perfect but when you're with the one you love, you can make it last.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad, I love you!


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Glad to have you are you feeling now?

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