What's more South Carolina than Myrtle Beach, trailers, above ground pools and people who make you question how many branches their family tree has?

So I heard there was going to be a reality show based out of my lovely state, South Carolina so I of course had to investigate to find out what this show was all about!

Hey ya'll.. watch this! (for those of you in the know, that's how every fun Redneck adventure starts, when someone says that) Welcome To Myrtle Manor. Oh look they have a Facebook page too!

I watched it. At least the first episode (watch it!). I have the second one DVRed but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a reality show junkie and yet even I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I watched this show. It's like the redneck version of Jersey Shore with a lot more awkward in it.
If you didn't click the link above, the show is about a trailer park in Myrtle Beach, SC called Myrtle Manor. 

Let's just talk candidly here for a second. Myrtle Beach isn't the most high class place you can go to but it's definitely cleaned up its act since the days back when I cruised Ocean Blvd and stayed in hotels that I'm sure I should have worn a hazmat suit just to enter. But hey, we are in SC and we have trailer parks. Lots of them. But to SC's credit, I've seen just as many trailers and trailer parks in Southern Utah too! Although those usually had paved roads. And their tenants had most of their teeth.

But I'm getting off track here.. Myrtle Manor.

So this trailer park full of colorful characters (some literally colorful...) who live in Myrtle Beach in this cute little trailer park.  That is if your definition of cute is living in a trailer that you have to stick a hose through the window to take a shower.  Thanks show, you bring out the best of us South Carolinian's.

But you know what, as I watched the episode I found myself wanting to go visit this place the next time I'm near the beach. Because seriously, I've never really been in a nuthouse before and this has to be pretty darn close to it. I mean really, 80 year old women skinny dipping and wiener girls?

Apparently after the first episode aired, someone stole one of the Myrtle Manor signs. Another great trait of our great state, theft.

So first there's Mark Sanford and his hike on the AT (that everyone knows doesn't lead to Argentina!), Miss South Carolina Teen USA, Joe Wilson and now... Myrtle Manor.

Stay weird South Carolina! That's just the way I like ya!