Ok, so I'm finally feeling a part of the living again. I'm still hacking and snotting and stuff but at least I've got my energy back and lucky for everyone, my personality is back too!

By the way, I have officially banned Sudafed from my house now. I've found the Target brand generic over the counter works just as well with a little less "jack me up" stuff in it so that's what's the haps from now on. I know, I know, who cares what medicine I'm taking.

Oh by the way, Survivor tonight! Can't wait! 

But..because I love Pinterest. And Wednesdays, how could I not link up with Michelle @ thevintageapple.com

I want to make these so bad to give out to some of my friends

I'm always looking for new drink stuff to make and who can pass up something that comes close to an Orange Julius! (seriously, I had to google to see if they even still have those places around)

This is going to take my mason jar fascination even further now.

Source: lilyshop.com via Regina on Pinterest

Lyrics from one of my favorite primary songs that make me happy