Hey hey look who's back to play! Yeah, I've been a little MIA lately. That's what happens when life goes 900 miles a hour.

Sometimes when I come and write on my blog it's about light hearted fun things. Like the Oh So Pinteresting link up that I'm missing out on today because I haven't been on pinterest all week. I'm excited for Fitness Friday and High Five For Friday (I just can't choose so I guess I'm going to be doing both from now on!)

Other times it's really all about my family or faith or other things really close to my heart. I have a lot of that going on right now and that is endless blogging material - but for everyone's sake I try to space that out a little.

But today is really random. And I can't quite keep my thought train on the tracks today. So, welcome to my brain today.
I'm really stressing because I can't seem to manage my work/home/church time efficiently. I know there has to be a way but my methods aren't working. Work is the easiest for me to manage but it's still stressful at times. Then I get home and I seem to have NO time to fit in everything that needs to get done. I can't add hours to the day so I can only try to be more efficient at what I'm doing and that isn't working right now so I've got to figure a way to make this all work. My church stuff really isn't that big of a burden, it's just I'm not managing my other time correctly so it's all overlapping.

All the talk about North Korea is frightening. One of the morning newscasters said the other morning that the US government "thinks that it doesn't have the capability to strike US soil". Um, think? Don't you think that might be something we should dedicate a little time and research just to be safe? Something is brewing between North Korea and Iran and it makes me uneasy.

Why is my knee hurting? Probably because while I'm at work I have a subconscious habit of sitting half Indian style, usually with my left leg folded under me. Then 2 hours later I realize that my leg hurts, my foot is asleep and I don't even really remember getting into that position.


I'm really stoked about our upcoming cruise. I really want to get into plan mode but so much is going on that I can't get lost into the fun of it yet. Maybe this will change when my parents come up to visit for the weekend and my mom and my aunt and I can get all into talking about it and thinking about clothes and fun.. yeah, maybe that's just what I need.

I've started tanning again. I know, I hear all the "ooh nooo that' so bad for you!". I know it is! But seriously, I don't want to go on this cruise and be all translucent! It's not like I tan year around or anything. And I'm not going to lie, I've got sun damage - probably from tanning  I don't know. I have a sun spot on my upper cheek that I'm going to look at having laser work done on. But why go through that if I'm going to continue to tan right? It's my guilty pleasure that I do about every other year I guess.

I've got some deep and meaningful posts coming, I promise. Just not today. So I hope you didn't mind my mild verbal vomiting.

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