Ya'll, if you haven't noticed, it's Wednesday. No, really. This week is FLYING!
As you can see I'm linking up with Michell over at Prowess and Pearls for her lovely Doing YOU WELL Wednesday. First, How can you not love a blog named Prowess and Pearls. Second, I love the community feel of this link up (even though I've been kind of slack at doing it the last few weeks - sorry!)

So Monday, I had set some goals and I have to take a second an brag that I have gone two whole days eating pretty darn well. For those of you who know me, you know this is a challenge for me. For those of you who don't know me, seriously, moderation is not in my vocabulary.

Also, I'm trying to get to 9 Round at least 3 times a week. I skipped yesterday so I wasn't rushed before my son's baseball game. And I'm pretty sure the parents are thankful too that I didn't show up all sweat-tastic and stankin' up the bleachers. I sweat like a man. It's not pretty. I also have a hair appointment tonight and let's just be honest. I have my priorities. Hair > Gym. Period. But it's all good in the hood because I'll get my 9 Rounds in on Thursday for sure and I'm kind of certain I'll get it in on Friday. Ok.. so I may be setting myself up to fail on this goal this week.

Ok, I'm slackin' on my spiritual studying. But I have a plan. Friday night I'm going to take some time in the evening to really get some quality reading in. I have some great talks and a book my mom gave me and I have my super comfy double papa-san chair just calling my name.

On my Visiting Teaching note. I've got some great things planned, I just need to schedule to meet up with my homies! I'm thinking it's not going to happen this week but maybe next!

This week has been simply brutal at work. I say that in the most 1st world, I-work-a-desk-job kind of way. I've come home each night mentally exhausted. I seem to go through waves of complete insanity for it to calm down to just mild chaos and then it ramps back up for a month or two. It works for me, I kind of thrive off of working in the moment so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. But it's during this month or so of insanity that I sometimes sit back and wonder why I don't move into some other profession. Like librarian. I like to read. I'm good at reading. I get the Dewey decimal system.

But I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe I'd get bored with that one day, so maybe it's best I stick with what I'm good at and just power through the stress. I'm pretty good at that.

So on that note..  What are Doing YOU WELL this Wednesday??

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