The other night my son, who is 7 and my husband, who isn't 7, came home from baseball practice. My husband jumps in the shower and I guess the kiddo thought he was going first because he strips down to his underwear. As he's doing so the following conversation happens:

Me: Daddy's in the shower so you'll have to wait a few minutes. Want to hop up here on the bed and we can find something to watch until he's finished?

Him: Yeah... but Mommy, I don't have clothes on!

Me: You have underwear on, that's clothes.

Him: (embarrassed look)

Me: Are you embarrassed to be in your underwear in front of ME?

Him: (nodding) (grinning) (being all embarrassed)

Me: But I'm your Mommy! I've seen you in your underwear before. In fact, you used to run around in your underwear all the time

Him: I know, that was when I was like 2.

Me: Nik, seriously? I used to see you naked, I think being in your under.....

Him: That's because you used to change my DIAPERS ... and I'm not wearing those anymore!

Me: Well if you don't start wiping your booty any better you'l be wearing them again.

Him: Different subject please.

Oh how times have changed. This coming from the boy who used to live night and day in nothing but underwear. But seriously if he doesn't start wiping better, I'm gonna throw him in a pull up for a day and see if that doesn't kick start his pooping hygiene.

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